From poppy seed to pumpkin: 10 weeks pregnant

Monday 19th January

So, the weeks are moving on – I’m now 10 weeks pregnant and actually feeling much better. I’m still really tired, no matter how much sleep I get. Toby gave us a treat of sleeping through a couple of nights at the weekend but then was back to two wake ups last night – I swear he knows when we have work the next day! I’m feeling particularly exhausted today and it’s really busy at work at the moment too with exams, reports to write and a few members of staff who have left and not been replaced yet. It’s even harder when I can’t tell anyone why I’m so tired either. Apart from being knackered though, the nausea has subsided a lot which I am very grateful for. It carried on until 12 weeks with Toby so I’m glad it’s disappeared a bit earlier this time (and I’m trying not to worry that it might be a sign that something is wrong). I still feel a bit rubbish if I haven’t eaten for a while but on the whole it’s not too bad.

I’ve still not got my first scan appointment, and until I have that I won’t see the midwife. Hopefully it should come this week and I then I can make an appointment with the midwife. The community midwife I saw when I was pregnant with Toby has retired now so it will be someone new that I see. Although, by all accounts I’ll see even less of them with this being a second pregnancy than I did the first time round.

Pregnancy week 10

There’s not much else to report this week; for our weekly fruit/vegetable comparison the baby is now the size of a date. My trousers are getting a bit tighter but I still just look like I ate a bit too much Christmas cake than anything like pregnant!


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