How to organise and update your wardrobe space

Organisation is crucial if you want to maintain standards in your home – a high level of tidiness has been proven to correlate with increased productivity and even improved wellbeing. Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, chances are that a wardrobe holds a prominent position in your bedroom – in order to get the best out of your living space, make your room more attractive and even enjoy a better night’s sleep, consider organising this space or replacing it altogether. If you’re looking to organise, update or replace your existing wardrobe, check out this quick and easy guide to get the process underway.

Premium features

If you want to start from scratch and replace your existing wardrobe with a new model, consider installing a fitted wardrobe with internal features like organisers, storage drawers or folding shoe racks. Internal features in wardrobes can create extra storage space and save you significant money in furnishings in the long run. Fitted furniture is also a great solution for those of us dealing with small, awkward or unusually-proportioned living spaces.

Picture showing the interior of a large wardrobe with hanging rails, drawers and shoe racks.

Get rid of unwanted items

If you choose to update your existing wardrobe, start by making a thorough sweep of its contents in order to de-clutter the space. Once you’ve removed all of the objects, try to group items together by category with a final destination in mind – will they be thrown away, recycled or kept? By donating unwanted items to charity, you can responsibly recycle your goods and directly help those in need. Using the ‘KonMari method’, you can focus your attention on only keeping those special objects that bring joy and purpose to your life.

Invest in hangers

While your choice of clothes hanger may seem unimportant or inconsequential in terms of renovating your wardrobe, investing in high-quality, luxury hangers can go a long way in preserving its contents. Using thick coat hangers (as opposed to thin wire) can prolong the shelf-life of many items and help to preserve the shape of smart clothing such as shirts, jackets and padded coats. Uniform hangers can create the illusion of order and organisation in chaotic wardrobe spaces whilst complimenting the overall theme of your room.   

Organise by category

Once you’ve filtered through all of your possessions and decided which clothes you would like to keep, arrange these items of clothing by colour, type, purpose or season. Organising your clothes will make it easier to recycle, repurpose and upcycle the contents of your wardrobe, not only improving the appearance of the space but also enabling you to find lost items quickly. By keeping your clothes clearly separated, you should be able to establish a familiar system that makes your morning routine easier.

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