No one ever bought me flowers

This is going to be a very short post today but I just wanted to share something. A couple of days ago I wrote a post about how I met my husband. We didn’t exactly go down the traditional route of dating then seeing our relationship develop slowly into something more serious. Within a couple of months of meeting we were travelling up and down the country to see each other every spare minute and it was only 6 months before we moved into together.

He did make some efforts to woo me though. I mentioned one day that, although I’d had a couple of serious boyfriends, no one had ever sent me flowers. A few days later these gorgeous roses turned up on my doorstep and I knew I’d picked a good ‘un!

My first flowers

And since then he’s bought be flowers quite a lot. Sometimes for a reason, but sometimes just ‘because’ and they’re always the best ones (even if they do usually come from the supermarket!).

When did you first get given flowers? Is it something your other half often does?


This is the sixth post in my #Blogtober series – you can read the rest of the posts here.

8 thoughts on “No one ever bought me flowers

  1. My husband is the only person who’s ever bought me flowers but he does get them just because sometimes, which is the best. We don’t have a massive budget for luxuries right now but even a small bunch from the supermarket really brightens my day.

  2. Mine and Jon’s relationship sounds a bit like yours. Within weeks we were inseparable and he moved in with me and my parents pretty quickly. Engaged in 10 months! Lol

  3. I can’t remember the last time I got flowers. I’m not a huge fan, but it is nice to be thought of!

  4. Aww I’m so glad you found someone who cares and shows it (especially with the best supermarket flowers, that made me laugh!) He definitely sounds like a keeper doing nice things just because 🙂 #blogtober17

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