Nairn’s healthy eating for healthy kids

When I was heavily pregnant with Gabe I was invited to go to Edinburgh to find out about Nairn’s new booklet ‘healthy eating for healthy kids’ which has been put together by nutritionist Christine Bailey. Unfortunately I decided taking Toby and my massive baby bump on the train would be a bit much so we didn’t go to the event but the nice people at Nairn’s sent us a copy of the booklet and some of their products to try. We were sent both rough and fine milled oatcakes, some oat crackers and their new Astro Bites oat biscuits.

Nairn's oatcakes

If you haven’t heard of Nairn’s before, they’re most well known for making oatcakes. I hadn’t come across an oatcake until I moved to Scotland – they’re kind of cross between a cracker and a biscuit. There are other kinds of oatcakes too – if you ask my husband what an oatcake is he’ll tell you it’s a pancake-y kind of thing best served with cheese and bacon but that’s the Staffordshire oatcake and not what we’re talking about here.

Anyway, I was keen to take a look at the ‘healthy eating for healthy kids’ booklet when it came. Now Toby only goes to nursery four afternoons a week I’m always looking for different things to give him for his lunch, especially as he refuses to eat sandwiches! I knew he’d had oatcakes at nursery but I’d never actually given him them at home before. There are lots of ideas in the Nairn’s booklet – it is separated into sections for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. They all look really quick and easy to prepare which is essential when you’ve got a hungry toddler pulling at your trousers! This hummus, tomatoes and turkey sounds delicious!

healthy eating for healthy kids

I decided to try the chicken mayo and cucumber on oat crackers with Toby as I’m always trying to find new ways of getting protein into him – he doesn’t really like cheese and isn’t a big meat eater but he does have a new found love of mayonnaise so I thought mixing chicken with mayo might convince him to eat it. I also gave Toby some apple, grapes and red pepper. Now in the interests of full disclosure, Toby didn’t actually eat it – but he’s going through a bit of a funny phase where he doesn’t like trying new things. However, I ate it for him and can confirm it was delicious! I’ve never had the oat crackers before but they were lovely. Toby does usually like oatcakes though – he often has them with Philadelphia on for lunch or a snack.

Oatcakes with chicken & mayo

The Astro Bites oat biscuits have become a firm favourite in our house though – so much so that I had to buy more after Toby had eaten all the ones that Nairn’s had sent! They come in individual packets and because they are made with healthy oats and berries, and low in sugar I can indulge Toby’s love of ‘bigits’ without feeling guilty.

Astro Bites

If you’ve never tried Nairn’s oatcakes before, for your kids or yourself, then I would thoroughly recommend them. You can use them in so many different ways and they’re so handy to have in the cupboard for a quick lunch or snack. There are loads more recipe ideas on the Nairn’s website if you’re in need of more inspiration.


**Disclosure: I was sent the featured products in return for this post but all opinions are my own.

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