My likes and loves // #LittleLoves Summer 2018

It’s been a while since I wrote my last Likes and Loves post – I think the summer just got away from me! And in fact my last post was for May and June, so maybe I’ll just keep to writing them every two months, maybe I’ll have a bit more to say then. So anyway, as we head into September and autumn is upon us, here are my #LittleLoves – the summer edition.


I’ve read quite a few books since I last wrote – another four in fact which takes me up to 16 for the year so far! The first was The Friend by Dorothy Koomson – I’ve read a few of her books but none for a while. I really enjoyed the first three quarters of this book, so much so that I recommended it to loads of people, but then when I got to the end it was a bit of a let down somehow. Saying that I still enjoyed reading it.

Next up was This is Going to Hurt, which I started on the plane on our way to France. It’s an account of being a junior doctor in the NHS by Adam Kaye, who has since left medicine and is now a comedy writer. This was such an interesting, and at times horrifying read. When you read about some of the things that go on due to junior doctors being so overworked it’s amazing there are any patients still alive sometimes!

Holiday reading

After that I read The Image of You by Adele Parks – this one really had me gripped. I had just picked it up in the library when I was with the boys so hadn’t really had chance to look at it properly, but I’ve read a few books by the same author so I took a chance. I did guess the twist quite early on (and that’s not a spoiler – the blurb on the back says there’s a twist!) but I still really enjoyed it.

My last book of the summer was another Rebus book by Ian Rankin – Even Dogs in the Wild. I’ve got one more to read and then I’ll actually be up to date with the series. There’s a new one out in October though that I’m actually tempted to pre-order. I think I’ve mentioned it before but I think it does add to the books if you know Edinburgh and the surrounding areas – I feel really immersed in the action because I can picture where it takes place. I’m actually thinking of going back to the beginning of the series and starting reading them again. I first read a Rebus book back in 2000 when I was working in France, but I didn’t read the first 5 or 6 books in the right order (and it was a long time ago) so it would be interesting to revisit them. Do you ever go back and read books again?


I didn’t watch a huge amount of TV over the summer, with being away in France, and having the boys at home. I finished watching the last ever series of Nashville. It had gone off the boil a bit towards the end but I still loved it – I’m a big country music fan so that helped!

Oh, and I also spent three weeks in July watching the Tour de France. I’m not into sport at all really but I love the Tour de France! I remember watching it when we were on our honeymoon in America, and then I watched loads of it when Toby was born and I was spending hours breastfeeding. I think part of why I like it is because I like to try and spot places I’ve been… or maybe it’s just all the men in tight shorts!


I’ve been listening to a lot of guided meditations in the last few months. I’m using an app called Simple Habit and usually listen before I go to sleep, although sometimes I listen at other times of day too. They’re mostly just five or ten minute meditations. I decided to start listening to them as I was feeling quite stressed and anxious (although not about anything in particular) and I thought they might help. I don’t know if they do but I quite enjoy them. There’s even some bedtime meditations for kids on the app that we used when we were to try and calm the boys down at bedtime.


I made Toby a dinosaur birthday cake in July – I took the lazy option of just making a chocolate landscape and sticking toy dinosaurs on it but who cares? It tasted delicious and Toby was happy so that’s all I was bothered about.

Toby's 5th birthday dinosaur cake

Poor old Gabe didn’t get a proper cake this year because we were on holiday – he just got a candle stuck in a shop bought slice of chocolate brownie! I’ll have to pull out all the stops for him next year.

Also, my Yorkshire puddings have always been a bit hit and miss, and I’d gone back to using Aunt Bessie’s again lately. But after my Yorkie success at the Richmond sausages event I went to a few months ago I decided to give them another go and managed to make these beauties a few weeks ago!

My awesome Yorkshire puddings


It was so hot this summer, I spent most of time in denim shorts and my Saltwater sandals. I did get some harem pants at the start of the summer that I wore a lot too. They are just so comfy – it’s like wearing pyjamas but you can go out without anyone looking at you funny! Mine were from Matalan and they had loads of different ones.

And Lastly

We really enjoyed our first overseas family holiday this summer. It reminded me how much I love France, and made me start thinking about next year’s holiday already. As much as we enjoyed the gite and having our own pool I think I’d be tempted to go somewhere with a kids club next year, whether that’s a hotel or campsite, because I think the boys would enjoy having other children to play with.

Toby and Gabe enjoying their summer holiday

I’m pleased we survived our first school summer holidays too – I’ll admit I was a bit worried about having both boys at home for six weeks but apart from a lot of squabbling in the first few days it was actually fine. I’m quite glad we don’t have to do it again until next year though!

I think that’s all for this month – once again I’m linking up with Stevie’s Likes and Loves, and Little Loves from Morgana and I’ll be back with another post of my #LittleLoves next month.

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  1. I actually love that cake! Sounds like a fab summer to me, family holiday wise Mallorca is amazing for kids. Not too ridiculously hot, nice beaches, lots of choice food wise if you have fussy eaters like mine, and if you go with Tui or someone the hotels have kids clubs and you can book excursions etc. Plus the flight to get there doesn’t take long and if it still runs there’s a brilliant pirate acrobatic show to watch.

    Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved đŸ™‚

    Stevie x

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