Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (June 2016)

I’m late again with our latest Me & Mine post. June has been a busy month for us; it started with Gabe recovering from chicken pox and both I and Barry have had weekends away. Oh, and we bought a house!

We sold our house in May, just nine days after putting it on the market and we’d seen a house we wanted to buy. Unfortunately we were too late putting in an offer and someone else beat us to it. So facing the prospect of having nowhere to live quite soon Barry did a one day trip down to Lancashire, looked at six houses and we decided to buy one of them….which I haven’t seen yet. It’ll be fine though I’m sure!

With the busy-ness of organising a house move, weekends away, and Gabe’s sleep being even more rubbish than usual we haven’t really had the time, or the energy to do anything exciting as a family this month. It has mostly been about getting through the days! We did have a lovely day at the Novotel Super Heroes day at the start of the month and there’s been plenty of trips to local cafe’s for coffee and cake but not much else of note. Gabe turned 10 months old in June and has started pulling himself up and cruising round the furniture so we now need to be watching him constantly. I have a feeling he’ll be walking before we know it!

So with all that we didn’t manage to take a family photo anywhere interesting in June – this one was grabbed after we’d finished dinner last night. I do like how we can all sit round the table together for our meals now so I guess it’s a good a moment as any to capture and record.

Me & Mine June 2016

July is going to be massively busy and stressful for us. We move out of our house next week and will be moving in with my parents for a week (and hopefully no more) before we can move into our new house. It’s also Toby’s birthday next week – I can’t believe he’s going to be three!! So the next month is going to be pretty crazy but hopefully by the time I write July’s Me & Mine update we will be all moved and starting to get settled in our new home.

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