Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (April 2016)

I’m a couple of days late with this month’s Me & Mine post. I was away at Blog On (a blogging conference in Manchester) this weekend and we hadn’t managed to get a family picture through the month so we had to wait until I got home today.

Unfortunately it’s been another month of illness for us. Gabe has still had a cold and been teething again. He also managed to add an ear infection into the mix this time too. Barry and I both had some flu-type virus at the same time, and Gabe was really suffering, which led to me being told I should be enjoying my baby by a random stranger in the street. Toby managed to avoid the cold / flu thing but he ended the month with a sickness bug! It really hasn’t been a healthy month for us.

We have managed to squeeze in a few nice things though – I took Toby swimming for the first time in about 18 months and after a bit of initial reluctance he loved it. We also had a lovely walk in the woods, a picnic in the garden and a trip to the farm.

I took this quick selfie on my phone when I got home from Blog On today and actually I think it’s one of my favourite Me & Mine photos…Me & Mine April 2016I said it last month but I’m really hoping the illness is behind us now. We’ve got a busy month ahead with a trip to Center Parcs in a couple of weeks, my birthday at the end of the month and some very exciting developments for us as a family which I should be able to share with you very soon too – I promise I’m not pregnant again though!

Please send your healthy vibes our way and hopefully will have a better month in May!

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