Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (July 2014)

Here I am, a little late with my July Me & Mine post. July was a busy month with Toby’s birthday and visits from family but despite plenty of opportunities we didn’t manage to get a single photo of the three of us together! This month’s picture then was hastily taken on our bed at home – the camera was on the tripod and Toby was far more interested in that than sitting with us for a picture. As it happens though I really like the way this shot has turned out!


4 thoughts on “Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (July 2014)

  1. I really like the artiness of how this photo turned out, with Toby in focus and you guys slightly blurred behind him. So cute! It seems like everyone has had crazy-busy Julys full of adventures, which is so nice to hear. x

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