Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (April 2014)

Another month has gone so it means it must be time for another Me & Mine post and this month two family photos. We don’t seem to have done a lot this month really. Toby’s swimming and Baby Sensory classes both had a break for the Easter holidays so we didn’t get up to much on that front, and I spent most of the month writing a 2000 word essay, in Spanish, about Che Guevara, which wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had!

We have enjoyed a bit of sunshine this month though and now we have two cars Barry is getting home from work much earlier and has managed to get the garden all tidied up, and spend much more time with Toby. We took this picture after an impromptu picnic lunch in the garden a couple of weeks ago.

April family portrait in the garden

This week we’re having a wee break in the Lake District and we managed to get another family portrait this month outside the Bridge House in Ambleside. Unfortunately, the old guy decided to come and sit on the wall just as we were taking the photos. We had some others without him in but I really like the moment we were capturing in this one so I decided I’d just have to use the picture anyway!

April family portrait in Ambleside

We don’t have any big plans for the coming month – I’ve got my final exams for my Spanish course in a couple of weeks then at the end of the month it’s my birthday then we’re off to spend ten days in France at the beginning of June!

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