Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (November 2017)

Every month I come to write these posts and I can never remember what we’ve done – I should keep notes or something! I usually say how quickly the month has gone, but actually November seems to have been a long one for some reason. It’s been a long one, but we still don’t seem to have managed to take a family picture this month, so we’re making do with this selfie that I took before the school run this morning. We always seem to end up with at least one of these every year, so this is it…

Me & Mine family portrait November 2017

At the start of the month we were still on holiday in the Lake District, and then we came home in time for Bonfire Night, although we didn’t actually do anything except watch the neighbour’s fireworks out of our living room window. I think next year we’re definitely going to take the boys to a proper display somewhere because they loved them.

The following weekend I spent I night in London when I went to a Mumsnet Influencers event.  I had a great time, got to spend time with some of my blogging friends, and actually came away having learnt something too!

While I was away Barry was planning on taking Toby and Gabe up to see his mum but unfortunately they only got half way when Toby was sick in the car, and without any spare clothes to put him they ended up having to turn round and come home. Toby has complained of feeling sick in the car before but has never actually been sick so we’re hoping it’s not the onset of travel sickness proper. I actually think it was more likely that he had caught the bug that was going round his class at school. He was fine all week but then the following weekend he was sick again.

My dad and Barry were spending the weekend painting our hall and stairs (and in a three storey house, that’s a lot of painting) so the plan was I would take the boys down to see our friend Claire and her twins in Chester for the day. But that plan was scuppered when Toby woke up at 6 am saying he felt sick. In the end it was only a few dry heaves, and half a cup of water that came back up, but we didn’t want to risk passing anything on.

We thought the rest of us had got away without catching the bug, but a few days later Gabe was sick in the car as well. I think that was actually a combination of the bug and me letting him play on the tablet while in the car (bad mummy!) because after one big sick he was fine again. Anyway, we all seem to be OK again now, and the painting got done in the end too.

Speaking of the hall, it’s looking awesome and I can’t wait to share it with you, but we need to wait another couple of weeks before we get the new floor in and then I can do a proper post about it. It looks so much better than it did before though, and we’ve got a brilliant new noticeboard that I am so pleased with, which sounds like a strange thing to be excited about but honestly, it’s amazing!

I think that’s all for this month as we head into a December filled with nativity rehearsals, Christmas shopping, letters to Father Christmas to be written and a Christmas tree to put up this weekend I’m very much looking forward to the festive season this year.

Until next month then and the last Me & Mine of the year…

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  1. December is always so busy celebrations isn’t it? But I love it. The most merry magical time of the year. I have my kids nativity tonight can’t wait. Kids look so grown up here. Bet they are excited for Christmas. Happy Holidays. #meandmineproject

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