Living Arrows 9/52 (2019)

I’m back again with another Living Arrows post – these seem to be pretty much all I’m posting on my blog at the moment, but I’m glad I am because without these posts I probably wouldn’t be writing anything at all! I’ve been writing here on Toby Goes Bananas for five and a half years now and I have been through quite a few phases where I struggle for inspiration or motivation but throughout it all I have always published these Living Arrows posts every week.

Blogging for me has always been about recording our lives, and so these weekly posts where I feature a picture of each of the boys and talk a bit about what we’ve been up to really are at the core of why I started this blog in the first place. I don’t really know why I’m saying this now, other than that we didn’t do very much this week so I haven’t got much else to say!

I went out with some of the school mums on Friday night – we had a great night but I drunk more than I have in a long time and I was suffering on Saturday. Thankfully my lovely husband let me stay in bed until midday which got me over the worst of it. I did have to take Gabe to a soft play party in the afternoon though so I definitely paid my dues!

It was the first time Gabe had been invited to a birthday party, and it was at a soft play he hadn’t been to before. I had to go in the play frame with him for the first part of the party but after they had eaten it quietened down a bit, and he was happy to go off and play with his friends. This picture is a bit blurry but taking a photo of a three year old at soft play isn’t easy. My little boy is definitely growing up!

Gabe enjoying his first soft play party

And he’s not the only one who is growing up. I grabbed this snap of Toby before school this morning. I have a feeling this might be the last picture I get of his lovely smile looking like this. He lost his two front bottom teeth in the summer, and the top two have been wobbly for months now. But in the last week they have definitely got a lot wobblier so I don’t think it will be long now before the tooth fairy is paying us another visit and that baby smile will be gone forever…

Toby smiling with his wobbly front teeth


If you’d like to see the rest of my Living Arrows posts you can find them all here.

Living Arrows

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 9/52 (2019)

  1. I too find that linkies are quite often the thing which keep me writing, I am so uninspired (and exhausted) these days. Thank goodness for Living Arrows! Beautiful pictures by the way x

  2. I think as soon as children wear proper shirts and ties they look SO grown up. It’s so lovely that Gabe is starting to get his own party invites too x

  3. Toby looks so grown up! My middle son had his tooth removed when he was 3 due to injury, it completley changed his smile as it was a front tooth. Nearly 5 years later and he still doesn’t have a tooth there.

  4. I’m also pretty much just posting the Living Arrows project and I’m so glad I joined, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have posted anything for some time. I find it hard to manage everything at the moment. Hopefully it will get better soon.

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