Living Arrows 8/52 (2019)

Well, just like that half term is over and we’re back to school and nursery this morning (and I’m taking the opportunity to try and get the house clean and tidy again!) We’ve had a lovely week off – well me and the boys at least, poor Barry has still been working.

We’ve had just about the right mixture of time at home to rest and relax, and some days out too. On Tuesday we met up with one of Toby’s school friends and her mum and went to Samlesbury Hall.  We’ve been there once before, during half term last May and I knew there was a great playground there. This time there was also a story-telling event on, which was good, although very busy.

Museum of the Moon at the Harris Museum Preston

Wednesday was a quiet day at home, in fact the boys didn’t get out of their pyjamas all day! On Thursday we headed into Preston to the Harris Museum. It was the final week of their Museum of the Moon exhibition – Toby and Gabe were definitely impressed by the 23 foot moon hanging in the middle of museum. They were a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see the planetarium show (it was incredibly popular and the free tickets disappeared as soon as they were released). We still had a fab morning though – it’s so much easier to take both the boys out on my own now than it was even 6 months ago.

Toby in a spaceman cutout

Friday we didn’t do a lot apart from walk to the post office – it was such a lovely day and I thought we would all appreciate some fresh air but the boys were very moany about having to walk (and it’s only about 15 minutes each way, if that!) Actually though, they have both been pretty good this holiday – there hasn’t been quite as much squabbling as usual, and they even played nicely together with their LEGO on Friday morning for long enough for me to get some work done!

Barry was hoping to take Toby and Gabe up to see his mum and dad this weekend (and let me have a bit of a break after having them at home all week) but unfortunately she’s got the flu so they couldn’t go. I still got a couple of much-appreciated hours in Starbucks to get some work done though so all was not lost.

Yesterday we went to Dobbies to take advantage of our monthly free drinks. We haven’t actually been for a couple of months because for some reason it always seemed to end up being really stressful but it was fine today (well, apart from Gabe crying when we arrived because he was confused and thought we were going to a different garden centre, and then Toby crying when we left because he’d brought a LEGO minifigure with him and none of us realised that he’d left it in the cafe and it wasn’t there when we went back to look for it). They enjoyed their cake though, and a play outside too.

Gabe climbing a ladder in the Dobbie's play area

So there we have it, another school holiday done. I can’t believe Toby is half way through Year 1 already! Before we know it it’ll be September and I’ll have them both at school!

Has it been your half term too? I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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9 thoughts on “Living Arrows 8/52 (2019)

  1. We love Samlesbury hall, the playground is brilliant especially the little Tudor house. It sounds like you’ve had a brilliant half term, if you fancy a planetarium the one at Liverpool World Museum is good too. #livingarrows

  2. Oh no! What a shame about the lego figurine. Mine would be exactly the same. That moon looks immense what a great exhibit. It sounds like you got the right balance between adventure and time at home. Otherwise I find they go back just as emotional and irritable as they came home! Hope you gets lots of work done this week x

  3. It sounds like you did quite a lot during the break and that moon looks epic! Such a shame about the planetarium but glad you had a good time anyway! x

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