Living Arrows 6/53 (2018)

And so we have finally made it to February and week 6 of Living Arrows. I can’t think what we’ve been doing this week – so I think it probably wasn’t much! The weather has been a bit better at least so we managed to walk most of the school runs this week.

On Saturday I went to Liverpool to see The Band (the Take That musical) – it was fab, apart from the drunk lady in the row behind us who kept shouting out and getting shushed by her friends! After the show I went to stay at my friend’s house meaning Barry was left at home in charge of the boys.

They were fine for the most part but virtually every time I go away Gabe ends up waking up in the night and refusing to go back to sleep. And Saturday night was no different. He woke up at half past midnight and then didn’t go back to sleep until 3:40 am! I don’t know how he even managed to stay awake that long.

So after very little sleep Barry took Toby and Gabe up to his mum and dad’s for the day. The boys love going to see their Nana and Grandad, especially because there are always new toys for them to play with!

I hadn’t taken any pictures this week so Barry managed to get these two on his phone for me. I love seeing my boys so happy…

Gabe having a giggle

Toby laughing

We’ve got one more week of school to go until half term and I think we’re all looking forward to having a break from school runs. See you next week…

Living Arrows

7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 6/53 (2018)

  1. Oh what beautiful smiles they have! One of biggest pet hates is people that shout out during shows, not only does it make it unpleasant for the audience it can be majorly distracting for the performers!

  2. Oh bless them, they were obviously having a great time with their grandparents. I really wanted to see The Band but we’ve decided the tickets are a bit too pricey for us with baby due imminently. Baby-related stuff is definitely taking financial priority! #LivingArrows

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