Living Arrows 5/53 (2018)

Is it just me or has January been the longest month ever?! It’s just been another normal week for us really. The weather has been a bit better this week at least so we’ve managed to walk on a few more school runs.

On Tuesday Toby started a yoga class after school – we’ve done Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube at home a few times so he was keen to have a go. He loved it by all accounts so that’s good – it’s only on until half term though I think so not long. They have different things every half term though so we’ll have to see what the next one is.

Toby had his swimming lesson as usual on Wednesday – he’s done everything he needs to do to get his next certificate, except put his face in the water which he’s terrified to do! We tried to get him to do it in the bath at home but he wasn’t having it at all. If anyone has got any tips how we can encourage him to do it then do let me know – he’s already got goggles but they don’t seem to help!

Toby watching Up and chilling on the sofa

Toby had a busy Saturday – a soft play party in the morning and then we went out to meet my brother and sister-in-law in the afternoon, and then we went to Pizza Hut for tea. So yesterday we had a day at home to recharge for the week ahead – this picture was taken when he was watching Up in the afternoon and chilling out.

Gabe has had another good week. We had a couple of ropey nights’ sleep but I think that was just because he had a cold, and he seems to be back to normal now. He’s doing great at preschool – he’s so settled now and never cries when I drop him off any more. And Gabe was a bit more successful at swimming than his brother – he went under the water again on Friday! He did it once before Christmas but hasn’t wanted to since we went back after the holidays so I’m pleased he was brave enough to give it another go.

We had a couple of quiet afternoons at home this week – Gabe loves being able to play with all the toys without his big brother around. He loves looking through things at the moment – we’ve got a magnifying glass, mini telescope, binoculars, and this camera too…

Gabe looking through the toy camera

See you all next week – when it will finally be February!

Living Arrows

10 thoughts on “Living Arrows 5/53 (2018)

  1. No tips on the getting water on the face I’m afraid. My eldest was like this too but luckily he was much happy about putting his face in water with goggles on! #LivingArrows

  2. We have just discovered Cosmic Kids Yoga, Daisy is really enjoying it so far. Could you get Toby a snorkel and mask to practice in the bath with perhaps ? I’m sure he will crack it soon. I love Gabe’s camera, future photographer maybe ? Have a great week. #LivingArrows

  3. January has been the longest month, I agree! I’m desperate to try Cosmic Kids Yoga with Parker. He does a dance class on a Saturday morning and loves it, not sure he’d have the same enthusiasm at home with me! We’ll see xx

  4. The yoga class sounds ace! They don’t do anything like that around here. It sounds like he’s doing well with swimming too – no idea what to suggest with his face 🙁 x

  5. Love that photo of Gabe with the camera, you can just see his little smile peeking through! I don’t really have any advice with the swimming I’m afraid, especially as I still don’t really like putting my face in the water! Maybe put a toy or bathtime jigsaw puzzle on the bottom of the bath and try and encourage him to put his face in the water to see it? x #LivingArrows

  6. When I’ve had to supervise school swimming lessons, they’ve used lightweight toys that float and started by putting their chins in to blow the toys across the water. You could try starting with that so it’s not his full face to begin with? I’m sure he’ll get there eventually! #livingarrows

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