Living Arrows 48/52 (2017)

This last week seems to have flown by. I think it was because Barry was off work on Monday and Tuesday to finish decorating the hall and stairs (it’s not quite finished yet but it’s looking awesome so far – I’m so pleased with it and I’ll definitely be sharing it when it’s fully done). 

I thought at the beginning of the week we had got away with Toby being the only one being sick, and until Wednesday we had… On Wednesday morning Gabe and I went shopping with my mum. After we’d dropped Toby at school we went to pick my mum up, then drove to an outlet village place in Fleetwood. And stupidly I let Gabe have the Kindle all the way there. He’s had it in the car before and been fine but I’m guessing he had a bit of the bug too. Because we got all the way there, I had literally just pulled into a parking space when he did a big burp and then was sick all over himself! Thankfully, apart from being a bit quiet for a while he was absolutely fine afterwards, and some dinosaur stickers quickly cheered him up.

I mentioned last week that Gabe had done really well at his Puddle Ducks swimming lesson last week and he was brilliant again – apart from when he did a big poo on the floor of the changing room as soon as I took his nappy off! But anyway, I wrote a full post about his swimming progress the other day but I’m so pleased with how he’s getting on now, and this week’s picture was taken just before we went to get in the pool – you can see how happy he looks…

Gabe looking very happy just before his swimming lesson

Toby has had another good week – he was Mathematician of the Week at school which we were super proud of, and he’s been doing lots of practising of his songs for the nativity too – he’s going to be cow apparently. He’s been doing lots of drawing and colouring recently too, and he’s really improving. One of the only things that his teacher mentioned at his parents’ evening before half term that he needed to work on was his pen control and he is definitely doing so much better with it now.

He now gets homework to do every week, as well as reading every day. They get it on a Friday and it has to be done for the following Thursday but at the moment he wants to do it straight away, so we are encouraging that as much as we can. This week’s homework was about 2D and 3D shapes and he was so eager to do it that he got up on Saturday morning and got everything out before I had even got out of bed! I managed to convince him to wait until after breakfast but I’m really not complaining!

Toby doing his homework on Saturday morning

Living Arrows

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  1. The poor love – it’s awful when they’re ill, especially out and about. I cant believe how much homework the kids get – at such a young age! #LivingArrows

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