Living Arrows 47/53 (2018)

Blimey, week 47 already! It feels like the last third of this year is absolutely flying by. This week has been another normal one for us really. The boys got to wear Pudsey t-shirts for school and nursery this week – they were supposed to wear spots but I always just buy the t-shirts instead. That way I’m donating to a good cause as well as not having to worry about finding them something to wear!

On Friday Gabe and I made cupcakes after his swimming lesson. He’s obsessed with cupcakes at the moment. He loves watching cupcake decorating videos on YouTube, and now he’s started asking to make them all the time too! I was pretty pleased with these ones though – I got a new piping nozzle ages ago but hadn’t used it until recently. Toby was so impressed he thought I’d bought them from the shop! And just look at Gabe’s cheeky face peeping over the worktop…

Gabe and his cupcakes

Toby’s picture this week was taken on Saturday at Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire. We’ve been meaning to get National Trust membership for ages and never got round to it so when my friend Claire suggested meeting up at Quarry Bank it was the push we needed. And thanks to my mum and dad who bought the membership for us as an early Christmas present!

Toby beating a rug at Quarry Bank Mill

Toby really enjoyed looking round the mill (Gabe wasn’t quite so impressed) but then we went on a tour of the ‘Apprentice House’ where the children who worked in the mill used to live. The lady leading the tour was pretending that the children really were apprentices, but I think the little ones were a bit scared and took the whole thing literally. She was getting them to ‘work’ in the kitchen and Toby really wasn’t keen on the idea at first, but then actually got quite into beating this rug!

It was a great day out though and I’m hoping now we’ve got our membership we’ll be inspired to make the most of it.

Living Arrows


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