Living Arrows 45/52 (2017)

And just like that half term is over and it’s back to school today for Toby. I’ve been a bit quiet round these parts after the madness of posting every day in October. We had a brilliant week last week in the Lake District – I’m not going to write too much about it here though because I’ve got a whole post about it coming soon. 

Toby and Gabe have been pretty lovely all week. Wandering in the woods seems to suit them. We spent a fair amount of time inside just chilling out too, and it was just what we all needed. Gabe even managed to sleep through for the last two nights!

Toby enjoying time in the woods

I think Toby looks so grown up in this picture – we got him a new coat when we were away and somehow it made him look like a real outdoor adventurer. I think  the break from school has really done him good, I just hope we don’t have any tears having to go back into the classroom this morning.

And little Gabey has been a superstar too. He did so much walking and apart from one little piggy back he managed so well. I know I keep saying it but he’s talking so much now and it really does make life easier now he can tell us what he wants (or doesn’t want as is often the case!)

Just look at his face…

Gabey having fun in the woods in the Lake District


Living Arrows

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  1. It gets so much easier when they can communicate doesn’t it? It sounds like you had such a lovely break away – I think sometimes a break really is just what you need x

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