Living Arrows 42/52 (2017)

I have to confess I’ve taken hardly any pictures of the boys this week and if you follow me on Instagram then you may well have seen these pictures already.

This picture of Toby was taken after school one night – he’s definitely more settled now and most of his after school attitude seems to have disappeared, thank goodness. He usually just wants to come home and watch TV and he did make me laugh the other day – Gabe was trying to play with him and he gave this big sigh and said ‘oh Gabe, I’m not in the mood to play today’. He’s definitely got that phrase from me!

Toby having some after school giggles

And then Gabe. He’s been pretty good this week on the whole. On Friday though we started swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks (and I’ll be writing more about it soon) – we didn’t get much swimming done though, he cried the whole time and spent the entire lesson sitting on the side of the pool refusing to get in.

This picture was taken in the changing room after – he was suddenly all smiles and said ‘me swimming, splash splash’ with a big grin! What a monkey. I’m hoping this week will be better.

Gabe grinning after his swimming lesson

Living Arrows

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 42/52 (2017)

  1. I love the photo of Toby, I am sneaking in some reading at soft play and Ava ran over for a cuddle and pointed saying ‘happy face Mummy, that’s a happy face!’ I’m glad he is settled down a bit more now. It’s so funny when you can hear yourself in them, Amy says ‘Oh for goodness sake’ when she gets frustrated, and that’s completely me!

  2. Oh that is one cheeky face from Gabe. Swimming can be painful – we had a year of moaning/crying with N – happening from age 8 once he started pulling himself to standing. They do come through it although N’s did last a lot longer than the teacher had seen before. He now loves swimming! (there’s tonnes of posts on our swimming journey if you’re after reassurance/tips)

  3. Oh Gabe’s a real little boy now, he looks so excited for swimming! So glad that Toby’s more settled now and we have a lot of after school times like that! x

  4. J cried the entire time for the first 3 weeks of swimming lessons, but she soon realised she wasn’t going anywhere! Hope it goes better for you next week #LivingArrows

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