Living Arrows 41/52 (2017)

This week has been a bit of an unusual one for me as I spent the day on a cruise ship in Southampton on Wednesday for BlogCamp on Board. For the boys though it was another normal week apart from the fact that Daddy was looking after them on for a day, including doing the school runs and taking Toby to swimming for the first time.

Toby did brilliant at swimming and got his first badge! He swam five metres with arm bands, which considering he couldn’t swim at all when he started lessons a couple of months ago is pretty impressive I think. I was really quite worried about how he would cope going in the pool without me so I am so proud of what he’s achieved so far. And he’s still really enjoying it too which is brilliant.

When he’s not swimming though he’s still mad about dinosaurs. Every day he pretends to be a different dinosaur – today he has been an Elasmosaurus all day! And this week’s picture he’s giving us his best dinosaur roar…

Toby doing his best dinosaur roar

Gabe meanwhile has been well and truly showing us the meaning of the Terrible Twos this week. Toby was never really one for massive tantrums. He had the odd one but they didn’t happen very often and they were usually over quickly. Gabe is a different kettle of fish though and if he doesn’t get his own way you are definitely going to know about it.

I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt a bit though because he’s had two more back molars cut this week so that’s three of the four on their way through now. I’m hoping the fourth one comes quickly and then we can get it over and done with!

When he’s not being grumpy he’s super cute though. He wants to walk a lot more than be in the buggy these days, and I usually let him walk at least part of the way home from preschool or from dropping Toby at school. On Tuesday when we got back from preschool he went and stood in front of the garage and said ‘cheese’ waiting for me to take his picture. I took pictures of both boys in front of the garage a few times in the summer but I haven’t done it for ages – isn’t it funny what they remember? Anyway, he did it again on Thursday and this is that picture…

Gabe saying cheese for a picture after preschool

Living Arrows

7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 41/52 (2017)

  1. Ahhh well done Toby for the swimming, such a good achievement! I think once they crack it once, it just kind of goes at lightening speed from there, he’ll be swimming lengths in no time! Love the photo of Gabe, it really is funny what they remember, it must be nice to having a willing photography subject, even if it’s only for a moment! #livingarrows

  2. A big well done to Toby for getting his first swimming badge. Lovely photos of them both. Olivia also goes back to places I have previously taken photos of her and days photo mummy cheese mummy. They are funny.

  3. Ah, well done Toby on the swimming. I think going in the pool independently really helps a lot of children. I know N was a different child once he was in the pool without me. #livingarrows

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