Living Arrows 3/52

So we’re into week three in the I Heart Snapping Living Arrows project. Toby was sat in his highchair in the kitchen while I did the washing up. He was very happy playing with his new toy that he got for Christmas. I really like this toy because not only is it wooden and really well made instead of being plastic and noisy and liable to break, it also has suckers on the bottom so I can stick it to his highchair tray and he can’t throw it on the floor! So while we were in the kitchen I noticed the light was pretty good so I decided to grab the camera and see what we could get. And this is the result…

Living Arrows 3_52

living arrows

7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 3/52

  1. A lovely photo to capture his development, the suckers on the bottom of the toy sound very handy! It;s funny the small things you start appreciating when you become a parent.

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