Living Arrows 28/53 (2018)

I’m going to try and get through this post without mentioning the weather….it is hot though isn’t it? We’ve survived another week – only two more to go to the end of term now and I think we are all counting down the days!Toby had his class assembly last week and it was so cute to listen to them all talking about what they’ve done this year. I was just watching the video I made on Toby’s 4th birthday and he’s grown up so much in the last year it’s hard to believe.

He’s still got another three days before he’s five but on Saturday we went to LEGOLAND Discovery in Manchester for his birthday treat (in lieu of having a party for his whole class). I think we picked the perfect day to go – what with the weather still being so lovely, and England playing in World Cup in the afternoon I think it was about as quiet as it gets!

We went in the summer holidays last year and we did enjoy it but it was much better this time now Gabe is big enough for more of the rides and they were both able to get a bit more out of it. The one thing that Gabe isn’t big enough for is the police car driving. Toby would have been old enough when we went last year but didn’t go on it for some reason, but he was keen to give it a go this time.

Toby driving a police car at LEGOLAND Discovery Manchester

He did crash quite a lot but he really enjoyed it – I so want to take the boys to LEGOLAND Windsor, I bet he’d love the driving school there.

Gabe is still a bit little to get the most out of LEGOLAND Discovery I think but there was plenty to entertain him – especially anything where there were buttons to press! There’s also a bit where you can build a car and then test it down various ramps and he spent ages doing that.

Gabe playing with Mission Control at LEGOLAND Discovery Manchester

After LEGOLAND we went for dinner at Frankie & Benny’s which was a nice treat – we are pretty much at the stage now where we can take the boys out for a meal and they are (reasonably) well behaved so it’s actually enjoyable for all of us.

Oh, and I must share the other big news this week – Toby and Gabe have finally moved into their bunk beds! My dad came round on Wednesday to help me build them and remarkably bedtime actually went very well. The last couple of days Gabe has been getting up a bit earlier than we’d like but otherwise they’ve taken to them brilliantly.

It’s Toby’s actual birthday on Wednesday and then we’re having a little family party next weekend so I’m sure I’ll have lots of pictures to share for next week’s Living Arrows post… see you then!

Living Arrows

7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 28/53 (2018)

  1. We haven’t been to either LEGOLAND yet as they’re both pretty far away from us, but I’m sure we’ll take the girls at some point in the future as it looks fab! A very happy birthday to Toby on Wednesday! x #LivingArrows

  2. It sounds like the boys had great fun at Lego Discovery, you chose a great day to go. We took Daisy when she was younger but haven’ got round to taking Jake although I know he will love it. Great news about the bunks, hopefully Gabe will start sleeping in a little later once he’s used to it x #livingarrows

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