Living Arrows 27/52 (2019)

This last week has seen us creeping closer to the school holidays. Gabe had a leavers’ party at nursery (even though he’s got another two weeks to go) – I wasn’t sure he was going to want to go as it wasn’t on one of his usual nursery days, but in the end he did and he really enjoyed it from what I could gather!

Toby is really just counting down the days to his birthday now. Only four more days to go until he turns 6! We’ve got the boys’ joint birthday party this weekend too so they’re both very excited about that too. We’ve never given them a party for anyone other than family before so I’m hoping this one goes down well.

It’s a few weeks of birthdays in our family – on Saturday it was Barry’s mum’s birthday, and then it’s my mum’s a week after Toby’s. Yesterday we went up to the Lakes to see Barry’s mum and dad – we met them at Sizergh Castle; a National Trust property not far from where they live.

We had a nice wander round the grounds and gardens – there was a ‘Plants, Poisons and Potions’ trail to follow that kept the boys busy. After lunch in the cafe we went to explore the Wild Adventure Trail. This trail in the woods involved following clues, and then crossing various obstacles. The boys really enjoyed it. Toby has got so much braver again lately – he used to be fearless as a toddler then at some point got scared of everything especially climbing, swings and slides. It’s lovely to see him overcoming his fears and enjoying physical challenges again.

At the end of the trail there was a rope swing – he was clinging on for dear life but you can see how much Toby was enjoying it…

Toby on a rope swing at Sizergh Castle

Gabe was being very brave too. He always seems to take his lead from Toby so when Toby is being brave then Gabe will be too. He needed my to hold his hand on quite a few bits but I was glad to see him enjoying it so much too.

Gabe enjoying the Adventure Trail at Sizergh Castle

I hope you are all surviving the last few weeks of school. I’ll be back next week with news of Toby’s birthday and their forest school mini-beast party!


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