Living Arrows 25/52

After recovering from our holiday we’ve had a quiet, back to normal, week at home. At the beginning of the week Toby gave us a couple of wakeful nights but things seem to have settled down now. Whatever was bothering him (probably bloody teeth again!) has stopped for now and we had a good few nights of sleeping through. This weekend though I left Daddy in charge while I went to London for Britmums Live and to visit my brother. Three whole days away from my little boy! I put him to bed on Thursday night and didn’t see him again until this morning! Father and son both survived relatively unscathed though and despite missing them both like crazy I had a lovely few days where I didn’t have to be responsible for anyone except myself.

I couldn’t wait to get back to this giggly monkey though…

living arrows

2 thoughts on “Living Arrows 25/52

  1. love that face just brill, god it must have been so good to have a time out to yourself, i know what you mean its good for a break but better coming back.

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