Living Arrows 24/53 (2018)

Another week gone already! On Monday and Tuesday Toby was still off school but Gabe was back at preschool so it was nice to spend a bit of time with my big boy. He had a friend from school round to play on Monday morning which was lovely, and meant I got chance to have a bit of adult conversation too!On Tuesday, after dropping Gabe at preschool we went to the library, then to the park, and then after lunch we had a trip to B&Q and then to the garden centre where Toby tackled a slice of rainbow cake bigger than his head!

Toby with his enormous slice of rainbow cake

As I expected he didn’t get anywhere near finishing it – he managed two layers (including the top with all the smarties on) and we took the rest of it home and he shared it with his daddy and brother.

After three days back at school Toby was struggling a bit with his behaviour at home. I know it’s all normal but it’s so frustrating when he just doesn’t listen, or just completely ignores instructions. I’m hoping that getting back to his normal full week at school will help a bit. And at least it’s only six weeks until the summer holidays right?

Gabe has been a little superstar this week really. I was so surprised that he went into preschool on Monday without any tears, especially because he knew Toby wasn’t going to school like normal. He’s sleeping all night virtually every night these days – and I’m sure getting more sleep must be helping him feel better the rest of the time.

On Saturday the boys were asking to do some painting, and they’ve been asking on and off for weeks. So even though it’s one of my least favourite things for them to do I let them. I don’t know what I have against it really – I think it’s fear of mess, but actually neither of them like mess themselves so they tend to keep things pretty tidy.

Anyway, Gabe enjoyed himself even if he did just paint a whole page of greeny-brown!

Gabe doing some painting

On Saturday night my mum and dad stayed at our house to babysit so Barry and I could have a night away to celebrate my birthday. They were both really good, and apart from Gabe waking briefly at 1:30 am (but going back to sleep quickly) they didn’t have any problems. It was the first time we’ve been away together since I was pregnant with Gabe so we were really glad it all went well. Now we just need to decide when we’re going to do it again!

Living Arrows

5 thoughts on “Living Arrows 24/53 (2018)

  1. Toby’s rainbow cake look delicious, I’m not surprised he couldn’t finish it ! Great news about Gabe sleeping better, my two get so grumpy and tearful when they have a few bad nights. Hope you have a lovely week ahead x #livingarrows

  2. Oh look at Gabe’s painting! He’s so grown up. I’m not surprised Toby didn’t manage the cake but it looks like a REALLY good cake. We are finding both A and T so tired, emotional and a bit bratty at times – the end of the school year can’t come quick enough x

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