Living Arrows 20/53 (2018)

Crikey, 20 weeks through the year already! The last few months just seem to have flown by, it’s only a couple of weeks to half term now, and after that we’ll be on the countdown to the summer holidays! At least the weather seems to have been getting a bit more summery lately too!

It’s been another normal week for Toby and Gabe this week. I did something a bit more out of the ordinary though – on Wednesday I went down to London for the afternoon to find out more about the new Richmond chicken sausages. Since we moved back to England I forget sometimes that it’s only 2 hours on the train to London so it was really easy to get there and back in a day. I’ll be writing all about my afternoon soon but I had a great time, and even got back in time to take Toby to his swimming lesson.

I know I seem to write about Toby’s swimming a lot but we had another break through this week. He’s been going to lessons since last summer and up until now has refused to jump into the pool on his own. This week though he jumped in not once, but 4 times! He went right under the water too, and didn’t panic or cry. I was so proud of him, I just hope he can do it again next week!

Gabe has been a lot more cheery this week too. He’s been waking up early though which I could do without! He’s had a few night time wake ups this week too which we’ve not had for a while. I’m not really complaining though, his sleep is so much better now than it was even a few months ago.

We didn’t do much this weekend – the sun was shining though so the boys played out on their scooters for a while on Saturday (we finally got Toby a new one with a handle that is tall enough for him), and then yesterday they were playing in the garden where I took these pictures…

Toby hiding in the garden

Gabe looking at the daisies in the garden


Living Arrows

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