Living Arrows 20/52 (2019)

I’m quite late with my Living Arrows post this week so I’m going to make it a quick one. As I mentioned last week I was away all weekend at the Flea Retreat (a blogging event that I helped to organise) and I’m only just catching up with everything.

I haven’t got any great pictures of the boys this week but Living Arrows as always been about sharing normal life for me, and these two pictures are moments that I want to remember.

This one of Gabe is something I don’t actually have many pictures of, and certainly no recent ones. I’ve written before about how we always sit with the boys until they fall asleep. We used to actually cuddle them to sleep but these days they both get in bed and one of us just sits in the chair in their room. Gabe does like to cuddle my arm though as I sit next to the bed, and other night I decided to risk the flash on my phone and take his picture after he’d dropped off.

Gabe cuddling my arm as he falls asleep

And if you saw last week’s Living Arrows post you’ll know that Toby had lost one of his top front teeth. Well less than a week later the other one came out as well! He looks so funny with his gappy smile but we can already see the adult teeth coming through so I don’t think he’s going to look like this for long!

Toby showing off his gappy smile after losing two teeth

We’ve only got a few more days left until half term and I think the boys are definitely ready for it – I had to wake them both up for school this morning which is unheard of! Hopefully they’ll be feeling better after a break and a bit of time at home, although am I the only one who feels like we’ve only just gone back after the last holiday? I can’t believe we’ve only got one more half term to go before the summer!

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Living Arrows

4 thoughts on “Living Arrows 20/52 (2019)

  1. I am so familiar with your boys and their sleep. Can you imagine a day when they just go to bed and go to sleep? It will be so weird for you! Toby has got such a huge gap now! You’ll get so used to it and then he’ll suddenly have teeth x

  2. Even though the term has been a short one my kids seem exhausted at the end of it like yours. I hope the boys feel much better after some slower days at home with you. Those two front teeth always go together, it won’t be long until Toby has those big teeth growing in their place. Have a lovely week ahead x

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