Living Arrows 19/53 (2018)

Well after last weekend when we didn’t have the best of times this last week has been much calmer. Gabe went into preschool without any tears all week and Toby had a happy week at school too. Both boys had good swimming lessons too so it’s been a much better week all round really.

On Saturday afternoon I headed to Manchester for the BlogOn blogging conference. I was there all day on Sunday and made it home just in time for the boys’ bedtime. I had a fab time catching up with all my blogging buddies, talking to all the brands that were there, and even learning a bit too!

Toby and Gabe were really well behaved for their daddy which I was very pleased about. And they both slept all night too, which he was very pleased about! Although we’ve had lovely weather here this weekend the boys were apparently adamant that they didn’t want to go out yesterday so they did some colouring and playing with play doh instead. We’re going to get out somewhere today though, hopefully the lure of ice cream will do the trick!

With me being away Barry was on photo-taking duty for me again this weekend. He managed to get these two lovely snaps while Toby and Gabe were busy with their crafting. I know I’m biased but I just love their happy faces…

Toby concentrating on his colouring

Gabe and his happy face

I had a great time while I was away but it was so lovely to come home to these two happy smiling faces last night, and to get all the cuddles from them both too.

Living Arrows

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 19/53 (2018)

  1. Beautiful photos! So glad to hear the boys had a good time and that you enjoyed Blog On, too. I don’t think I’ll go in September but will hope to go again next year when the girls are a bit older. #LivingArrows

  2. I am sorry to have missed Blogon this time round, hopefully I will make it to the next one. Love that Daddy takes pictures of the boys for you… I need to figure out how to get mine to do that! xx

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