Living Arrows 16/53 (2018)

We’ve had a relatively quiet week as we’ve settled back into the school routine. Monday morning  was pretty uneventful really, and I think Toby and Gabe were glad to get back to the familiar, even if they did moan about it a bit!

After last week’s drama at swimming when Toby cried through his whole lesson this week was much better. He was still a bit apprehensive but he did really well and we didn’t have any tears at all. He managed to fall over on the way to school on Thursday though (running down the path that I tell him not to run down every single day!). He did manage to give himself quite a nasty scrape on his knee but he was so dramatic about the whole thing, and he was still limping when I went to pick him up at the end of the day.

We quickly established that it was only the big plaster that was causing him a problem and not any actual pain from his knee though! He’s still got a plaster on it now because he’s scared to look at it but hopefully it will heal up quickly.

It didn’t seem to stop him at the park on Saturday anyway. Barry’s been away in London this weekend so I was on my own with the boys from Thursday afternoon. They were fine for the most part but after Gabe woke me up at 6:30 on Saturday and they spent the morning squabbling we decided to head to the park to let of some steam.

Toby seems to go through phases of being really scared of physical things (like the park and soft play) and then getting his courage back and being adventurous again. He was definitely in an adventurous phase this weekend which made our park visit more fun. This week’s Living Arrows picture was taken when he was pretending part of the climbing frame was an ice cream van and he’s giving me the chocolate ice cream I’d asked for…

Toby playing ice cream van at the park

Gabe’s had a good week too – he didn’t want to go to preschool on Tuesday, but after a bit of a tantrum at home he was fine when we got there. He’s so funny at the moment, he’s really chatty and just likes to narrate everything that’s happening around him and it makes me laugh so much.

He had a great time at the park too – he’s still a bit nervous about climbing but he was having lots of fun as long as he wasn’t too far from the ground!

Gabe enjoying himself at the park

I’m the one who is going away next weekend – I’m going to be down in Somerset helping out at The Retreat (a blogging event) and Barry is the one who is going to have to cope with the boys on his own for three days. Hopefully Gabe will sleep for him – it always seems to be a problem when I’m not here. It does mean that next week’s Living Arrows might be a bit late too but I’ll do my best!

Living Arrows

7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 16/53 (2018)

  1. Gabe is looking very grown up in this photo. I think the sight of an injury scares my littlest two, when they don’t spot an injury its fine for hours, and then it’s spotted (or they remember) and suddenly hurts so much they cant continue! Hope you have a lovely time this weekend.xx

  2. Gabe looks so cheeky in his photo! And I love the photo of Toby too, I think every child does that pretend ice cream van thing in the park don’t they! Hope you had a good time at the Retreat, I would really love to make it to the next one if they do it again. x #LivingArrows

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