Living Arrows 16/52 (2021)

I’m back to my old ways again this week with not getting this post written until halfway through the week (sorry Mum!) The boys have been back at school for a week and a half and have settled right back in. We had telephone parents’ evening calls this week with both their teachers and they are both doing so well at school. And I got a pat on the back too for everything we did at home during the last lockdown!

Of course we’re pleased that both boys are doing so well academically but just as importantly, if not more, it was lovely to hear that they are both polite and kind, and that they both just love learning. We’ve had our fair share of struggles with them not wanting to go to school in the past but now they both walk there happily and go in with smile every day. Gabe has been wanting to take his soft toys on the school run recently – I don’t really mind except that I always have to carry them home again!

Gabe with his monkey about to go into school

As well as being back to school some of the boys’ other activities are starting back up now too. They were back at swimming lessons on Sunday, which were fine apart from them complaining the water was too cold! On Saturday they went to try something new – Street Monkeys Academy is a new parkour and free-running gym that offers classes for children from 5-18. I heard about it before lockdown last year but wanted to wait until Gabe was old enough to go too. Then of course the pandemic hit and they have only just been allowed to get their classes up and running again. Toby and Gabe were both a bit nervous about the classes but once they got there they absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back. I don’t blame them, it looked amazing fun – I wanted to have a go myself! You can see a little bit of what they got up to in this Reel I made for Instagram…

For the moment Toby’s Beavers is still happening over Zoom, although they are going to be meeting in person again in a few weeks. This week they were making a microwave mug cake for their Cook badge. We’ve never made a mug cake before – it was so easy though, and made a surprisingly tasty cake!

Toby making a mug cake for Beavers

On Friday after school the boys are going back to Street Monkeys, and then on Saturday morning they are going to a Learn to Ride session – I’m determined to get them riding their bikes this year! And it will be back to swimming again on Sunday. It’s so nice to have things up and running again but we’ve gone from having no activities to a jam packed schedule, I’m just hoping the boys aren’t too tired to enjoy them all!

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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5 thoughts on “Living Arrows 16/52 (2021)

  1. It is a shock to the system going from zero activities to so many but having the routine back is a joy. I know what you mean about carrying back things back from pre-school. I’m sick of lugging Iris’s bike home, if only I was small enough to ride it back

    Katrina x

  2. My boys love to practice parkour wherever we go. Looks like a fun club! I love that there getting back into extra curricular activities it’s just a tad overwhelming for us parents getting used to filling the calendars up and running them around hehe!

  3. I have never hear of parkour but it looks like something mine would love too. It is nice for everything to get back up and running. Charlie has gone back to cubs this week and is loving it although I now need to sew on the badges…

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