Living Arrows 12/52 (2019)

It’s been another quiet week for us (I seem to say that every week, but we really don’t do much during term time!) I spent the second half of the week baking a cake for my dad and then on Saturday night we went out for a meal to celebrate his 70th birthday.

My Dad doesn’t really like parties but we wanted to do something to celebrate his birthday this year, seeing as it was a big one. So instead of a party we went out to his favourite restaurant – there were 18 of us all together, 8 of our family and then 10 friends.

It was a really good night but a late one for the boys. We very rarely do anything where they get to stay up late but despite our table being booked for 6:30 pm, with so many of us eating it was still after 9 pm before we finished eating and 10 pm before we got the boys home and in bed.

We were very proud of them though – they behaved so well, even though it was late, and the restaurant was noisy and full of people they didn’t really know. We did let them have their tablets while we were waiting for our food but even so they did really well.

This week’s pictures were taken while we were out so they’re a bit grainy and blurry but they’re still lovely memories of our evening…

Toby modelling his Auntie Becca's hat

Toby was modelling his Auntie Becca’s hat in this one – that wobbly tooth on top is still hanging on for dear life!

And here’s Gabe playing peekaboo…

Gabe playing peekaboo

Oh and if you want to see the Tour de France inspired cake I made for my dad you can see it on the story highlights on my Instagram here.


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6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 12/52 (2019)

  1. Wow the cake looks amazing! You are clever. Sounds like a lovely meal, it’s great when they behave well at the table. Ours are a bit hit and miss and it can really ruin the event! Xx

  2. Happy 70th to your Dad – the cake looks soo good, you did an ace job! My boys love being able to stay up late with the adults – your boys looked like they were having lots of fun #LivingArrows

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