Keeping your home warm in winter without spending a fortune

It’s likely you’ve felt the air outside. That’s right, winter is upon us, and biting at our ankles with cold. This can make us feel less comfortable in our home, especially if we have a lack of heating there. Heating a home through a central heating unit can be costly, and sometimes we don’t have that excess money to spend. In order to act responsibly with your bills, it’s important to keep in mind exactly how to live appropriately with heat in mind. Can you warm yourself without spending too much money? Can you keep your home the bastion of comfort it deserves to be without shredding your wallet of the money you’ve already spent this last Christmas?

Save on heating bills

We’d argue that this is possible, but only if you consider the following:

Layer Up!

Of course, when it comes to heating yourself in winter, nothing will ever be as effective as wearing additional layers. This is the first place you should start by all means. It’s cheap, easy, and very comfortable. Who doesn’t like wearing a bunch of layers in the winter? It means you can cosy up with every square inch of your skin covered by a comforting layer of clothing. It’s important to understand how to layer up though. One big hooded jacket is usually not enough to keep the cold out in truly freezing climates. Instead, it’s important to layer up with many smaller thin fabrics. For example, wearing one small t-shirt, a long sleeved t-shirt and a sweatshirt can help you feel much more relaxed as a starting point.

It’s likely that if you wait a little while after wearing these layers, the desire to turn on your heating will have eroded. Simple solutions like this can potentially save you tens of pounds in heating bills in a day, and potentially hundreds in a month. Layering up will always be the best solution for taking care of your heat problems.

Thermal Curtains

If you are finding that breezes are interfering with you and troubling your overall ability to sleep at night, you might find it more than useful to install some thermal curtains. Not only can these block out the light thanks to the thick fabric design, but the cold breeze that flows in will be impeded against the thickness of the material. This can stop that early morning sneezing fat that occurs when your body is at a cold temperature during the night. It can also mean that you needn’t substitute ventilation for general comfort in temperature. This can be important if you hope to stem the tides of damp against the paintwork of your home.

Prevent Draughts

The bottom of doors can be a very troubling place for both draughts and bugs trying to escape the cold by coming into your home. If you can, purchase an excluder that allows you to prevent the cold air from accessing your room. This cold air, especially cold air filtering in over a period of hours, can truly reduce the inner temperature of your home to a worrying degree. Make sure that these are placed under the door frame of any room you wish to keep warm. If that means closing doors in the interior of your home, so be it. This can be a great way to keep the heat out at night, particularly if there’s a window right outside of the room you’re trying to keep warm.

Make The Most Of The Sun

If the sun is out, then make the most of it by opening up your curtains. Even in colder climates sun exposure can bring much-needed heat and light to the rooms in question. This might give you a window of a few hours of positive daylight to heat your home, which can be very useful if trying to save on your moment to moment heating bills. If you’re out for the day, it’s much better to leave these curtains open than neglecting what little heat you could potentially lose in this regard.

Thick Rugs

We’ve all walked on laminate flooring with cold feet. It can surely feel as if the worst substance known to man has unfortunately found its way to torture our poor souls. If you know that the cold is coming, consider planning for this by laying down rugs, preferably thick and fur based ones. This allows for a lovely walking experience, but also a warm flooring. It can be truly demotivating to see how cold your feet have become as a consequence of walking on cold floors, but after you lay these rugs down, this problem will be in the past. It’s likely that this comfort come warmth or freezing cold will stay the same, as putting away one of these carpets is difficult when you realise how pleasant of a room feature they can be.

Hot Water Bottle

If you enjoy staying warm in bed, then it’s likely you understand the necessity of covering yourself in blankets. This is especially important when greeted with the window cold as you lie in your duvet. To further arm yourself against this encroaching cold, it’s important to equip yourself with a sizeable hot water bottle, one which can give you that true feeling of relaxation. You needn’t have this on your person, as this can make your sleeping experience rather too overheated.

Simply place one at the foot of your bed for a solid half an hour, and you’ll retire to sheets more comfortable and relaxing than anything you have experienced in the past. With this, you might find that no matter how powerful the breeze, you will always feel warm, secure and able within the confines of your duvet.

Use Your Oven

Sometimes you oven through gas conversion can work wonders for you when you’re struggling to heat your home. If you’re cooking food and have finished the meal, allow the heat to waft open into your room by opening the panel. Better yet, taking the upfront investment to install an Aga allows for your home to be continually heating from an oil reserve. At the very least, your oven can serve as a source of temporary heat if you truly need it.

With these tips, your home is sure to be more heated than you may have thought possible. We hope this positively impacts your monthly expenditure.


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