How to add country charm to a suburban home

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Great views, green spaces and fresh air. The country boasts several delights. Those who live there are certainly lucky.

But if you live away from it, fear not – you can still bring its charms to your suburban home. With this guide, you could countrify your living space completely.

How to Add Country Charm to a Suburban Home

Choose Rustic Furniture

Why not start with the essentials? Everybody needs storage space. The next time you search for wardrobes and other solutions, why not check out how rustic they look? That way, you can secure country furniture and keep your home tidy.

A sturdy, wooden unit, for example, may produce the vibe you’re aiming for. Thanks to its size, it will most likely catch attention wherever you place it. In turn, this could heighten its aesthetic effect.

Even better, these pieces don’t typically require extra work; they already possess visual country appeal. Whether you decorate it or not is entirely up to you.

Either way, the right furnishings can help you to create the ideal country home – in or out of the suburbs.

Bring the Outside Indoors

What do you love most about the country? Its foliage and flowers? Or perhaps its scenes? Maybe the smell of wild garlic in summer? Whatever it is, why not bring your favourite feature indoors? In doing so, you could enhance the rustic vibes of your living space even further.

A photograph or painting of a specific rural scene is a simple way to bring the outdoors inside. Smell, memory, and emotion are all heavily connected. And so, fragrant plants from a particular area can really evoke its image.

Why not decorate your home with a specific type of flower? It might increase the natural feel of your abode.

Experiment with Colours and Patterns

For an easy way to create decorative impact, experiment with colours and patterns. Say the words ‘Country Cottage’, and most people will envision warm prints and a cosy layout. With this in mind, how about adding thick fabrics and deep colours to your living space?

Classic motifs like tartan and cable knit can often create a very homely look – and this is a key characteristic of a typical rural property. Drape your sofas and seats in these materials, and you could transform your house or apartment into an idyllic indoor space.

Certain colours can foreground these traditional fabrics – and elicit specific moods and feelings. For this reason, identify which shade will amplify your design.


A country home can be achieved by anyone, anywhere – even if you don’t live in a green area. Thanks to its universal appeal, it can be a straightforward, affordable and – ultimately – fun project.

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