Holidays we’d like to take in 2019

Now that this year’s holidays are over (you can read about our trip to France here), I find myself thinking about next year and where I’d like to go with the family. We won’t manage all these trips, but it’s good to dream! I thought I’d share some of the destinations I’ve been thinking about with you, in case you are wanting to book your 2019 holidays now.

Skiing in the Alps

Skiing holidays in the Alps

I’d love to take Toby and Gabe on a holiday in the alps of Austria or France, so that they can get lots of opportunities to play in fresh snow. We don’t get a lot of snow here in the UK, and definitely not on the Fylde coast! Even when we do get snow, it rarely sticks for more than a day. I think it would be great to get us all wrapped up in hats and scarves to build a snowman. Barry used to be a keen snowboarder and I would love to learn to ski better – Mark Warner (the holidays I’ve been looking at) offer superb childcare facilities so that we could hit the slopes for a couple of hours and take some lessons.

Hanging with Mickey

Disney World Florida

I love the USA, and I’m desperate to go back and explore more of it. I’d love to take the kids to Walt Disney World in Florida, whilst they are still at an age where they can believe in all the magic. I would definitely book direct with Disney if I was going here, as I think you can get the best deals that way, and they control everything and make sure your trip is exactly how you want it. We’d definitely do some character breakfasts, so the kids get some quality time with them, and there are lots of rides suitable for all ages of children too.

Getting Scandinavian

Holidays by the river in Copenhagen

I’d love to visit Denmark. It’s such a clean country for the boys, and the food looks superb. Copenhagen looks lovely, and full of culture. There’s even an old-fashioned and quaint theme park there called the Tivoli Gardens. It was actually a review online that made me want to visit here – check it out if you are interested in Denmark as a holiday location. I love that you can eat in restaurants along the Nyhaven river in Copenhagen too. I find it very peaceful by water, watching boats pass.

Cottage time in England

English cottage holidays

We’ve been on lots of cottage holidays in the UK before and we love them! It’s great to go as a family to a country cottage and do without our phones and tech for a week to just spend time together. Reading books, playing board games, doing jigsaws and exploring the countryside. It would be great to do this and go retro with our summer holidays, to create really memorable moments for the boys. We’ve been to the Lake District a lot so somewhere like Yorkshire or Cornwall would make a great change, and we could even get some beach time too if the weather is going our way.

You can also read about more places that are on my bucket list, here. Happy 2019 holiday planning!

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