Guide to picking firm or puffy mattresses for kids

Deciding upon the perfect mattress for your child may seem a difficult task, and I know just how exhausting can be to search through so many types and models. But, luckily, there’s hope for all parents: the online industry has made everything a lot simpler today than it used to be.

Choosing a mattress for your kids

Anything you need to know is out there, in reviews, comments, and descriptions, in videos or various tests and experiments. You only need to take your time and read! Also, from my experience, I would recommend involving your kids in the entire process: it will give you the chance to know their preferences better, it will be fun, and it will make them feel important.

One decisive question when looking for a bed is: “Firm or puffy?” But the answer to that depends on a few key factors. Each parent has to choose according to the needs and preferences of their child. Keep in mind that the right mattress is essential for a good night’s rest and a proper development! A high-quality mattress will last at least ten years (or longer), so make sure you pick one to accommodate a growing body (and, perhaps, alternating sleeping positions).

Here’s a short guiding list which can help you make a wise choice when looking for the best mattress for kids:

Know your kid’s sleeping habits

The way your kids sleep during the night indicates the right level of firmness for them. Usually, we all change postures during sleep, and so do our kids. See which position they favor and choose the firmness level according to that one. Thus, if your child is a back sleeper, a medium-firm or firm bed would be most indicated. For side sleeping, the foundation needs to be somewhat firm, while stomach sleepers require slightly softer bedding.

Gather information

Check the labels and assess the mattress materials: see if they are suitable for children or not, to protect them from possibly harmful respiratory issues or allergies. Look for eco-friendly, high-quality items and always keep in mind the type of support you want the bed to provide for your children. That’s why reading reviews is important: they help you understand how the product behaves when being used.

Pick the right type

The highly popular memory foam mattresses present hypoallergenic features; they are longer-lasting than coil spring items. The gel-infused products offer better temperature control during the night. If your budget is tight, choose a simple, but durable product; nevertheless, I encourage you to invest in a new mattress, not a used one.

Shop online and get better deals

Online retailers offer lower prices than traditional stores, and they have special promotions, discounts, free shipping and delivery right to your door. Plus, you get an extended trial period to see if your children will be happy with their new bed. Always ask about the return policy, just in case you need to send the mattress back.

Ask for advice

If you’re not sure what would be perfect for your children – and they are too young to know that as well – ask other parents from the fantastic online worldwide community. It is impossible not to find someone who has dealt with the same problem and can give you a solution. Never be afraid to ask – help is always a click away.

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