From poppy seed to pumpkin: It’s a . . .

Yesterday I had my 20 week scan. Everything is looking great with the baby; everything is where is should be and the measurements were all right in the middle of the ‘normal’ range. It was lovely to see the baby again, and to see that little heart beating away.

We did find out that I have a low-lying placenta which is close to the cervix at the moment. I’ve been booked in for another scan at 32 weeks and hopefully as everything grows the placenta will move up and out of the way. If it doesn’t then I’ll be looking at a caesarean section and my plans for a home birth will be out of the window. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to change it though, whatever is going to happen will happen. So I’m going to try my best not to think about it or worry and just hope for the best. Apparently, in the vast majority of cases the placenta does move up with the growing uterus and doesn’t cause a problem for delivery, let’s just hope it works out that way for us.

At the end of the scan the sonographer asked if we had any questions…so it was time to ask the big one…can you see the gender? And so here it is, the big news!

It's a...

Yes, another boy! Toby is going to get a little brother. If you read my gender preference post then you’ll know I was kind of hoping for a girl, and I was a bit sad for an hour or two but I’m fine now and looking forward to having two little boys running around the place!


8 thoughts on “From poppy seed to pumpkin: It’s a . . .

  1. Ooo exciting news!! I know you were kinda wanting a girl but two boys will be so fun 🙂
    You’re looking fab by the way!
    Fingers crossed your placenta moves up and out of the way too! Xx

  2. Awww congratulations!!! Glad the scan went well and I hope the placenta does move out of the way very soon. I’ve no idea what I’d prefer, so I think I’ll try not to think about it 🙂

  3. Congratulations, glad you are looking forward to having your two boys but I understand why you felt sad for a bit. My placenta was very close to my cervix but moved away by the time I had my 36 week growth scan. I ended up having a CS but for a whole different reason and it was all last minute so couldn’t have known, here’s hoping you get your homebirth!

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