From poppy seed to pumpkin: 40 weeks pregnant

That’s right – 40 weeks and I am still pregnant! This is well and truly uncharted territory for me now. I was so convinced this baby was going to be early, I can’t quite believe I’ve made it to my due date.

I saw the midwife today – baby boy is still 2/5 engaged and she said he seems lower than when she saw me two weeks ago. I’ve been feeling some sharp pains in my cervix and some crampy pains still but not really any Braxton Hicks and certainly nothing approaching actual labour.

I was offered a sweep today but declined. Perhaps selfishly, although I am quite fed up of being pregnant now, it would be more convenient for us logistically if this baby comes on a weekday so Toby can go to nursery. Of course we have plans in place for if the baby does come at the weekend (my mum and dad have been waiting patiently in their caravan on a campsite half an hour away for the last two weeks!) but I don’t see the need for any artificial encouragement at the moment. I have said I will see what happens over the weekend and then I can ask for a sweep at the beginning of next week if I want one.

Everything is still fine with me and the baby – I’m just uncomfortable now. I still have quite bad pains in my pelvis which mean I can’t walk very far, and the last few nights I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to get comfortable in bed. My bump is more comfortable lying down in bed but my hips really hurt if I spend too long on one side so I’m constantly tossing and turning (which is quite difficult in itself!).

Anyway, enough moaning for now. I’m going to think positive thoughts and hopefully this baby will appear sooner rather than later!

40 weeks pregnant

4 thoughts on “From poppy seed to pumpkin: 40 weeks pregnant

  1. I understand what you mean about the hip pain, I can only lie on one side before it’s too painful and I have to turn over. Luckily I am tired enough to go straight back off to sleep now. I hope the baby doesn’t keep you waiting too long bump buddy! x

  2. You look fab Sarah, very exciting! I wanted my babies to arrive at the weekend and 2 complied! My first was ten days early, second 6 days and third arrived on his due date so I understand expecting to go early. Whatever happens he’ll be here soon:)

  3. I’m hoping that the baby comes next week for you. I don’t think you need a sweep – just see what happens. I have everything crossed it all goes smoothly! x

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