From poppy seed to pumpkin: 39 weeks pregnant

39 weeks pregnant

39 weeks pregnant and I’m still here with bump updates. I have never been this pregnant before – Toby was born and 38 + 6 so I never made it to 39 weeks with him. I’m hoping I don’t have too much longer to wait with this one, although for convenience’s sake it would be easier if I can hang on until Monday now so Toby can go to nursery and I can have my home birth in peace!

It’s a bit strange with a second pregnancy that I still don’t see the midwife very often. I’m sure last time I was seeing them every week towards the end but this time I saw my midwife last Friday, and if the baby doesn’t arrive before I won’t see her again until my due date next week.

There’s not much to report really. Not a lot has changed since last week. Baby boy is still engaged and very low – I swear sometimes it feels like he is actually just going to fall out while I’m walking along! Movements are a lot smaller now, but there’s plenty of them. His little arms are obviously waving about, I can feel them very low down, almost in my hips sometimes.

I’m not too uncomfortable most of the time apart from the odd excruciating ligament pain on the bottom sides of my bump, usually when I’m in bed and my bump isn’t properly supported, or if I bend or pick something up without thinking about it properly. I haven’t really had any Braxton Hicks but I didn’t get them last time either. There have been a few crampy feelings but nothing that makes me think labour is about to happen any time soon.

At least I’m getting plenty of time to rest at the moment; Toby is still at nursery every day so once I’ve got him up and dropped off I have the rest of the day to do not much of anything! I was a bit fed up last week because I felt a bit useless not being able to do much, but this week I realised I should just make the most of it because it’s going to turn into a whole world of crazy as soon as there’s a tiny baby on the scene!

I think that’s all for this week – hopefully my next post will be a birth announcement rather than a 40 week bump update! Keep your eyes peeled…

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