Five benefits of redecorating your home

Have you got itchy feet? Are you bored of your home? Considering we’ve all spent so much of our time staring at our own four walls this year, it’s no wonder that we might be feeling a little sick of them.

And while it looks like we’ll be homebound for a good few months more, now’s the perfect time to redecorate it. Here are five reasons why it’s worth the endeavour − some of them may surprise you!

It gives your home a new look

If you’ve lived in your property for a long time, it’s only natural that you might have grown weary of it. However, a change of colour scheme, different flooring or some new accessories can help you to see your home in a new light, and maybe fall in love with it again.

You can repurpose a room

With a good declutter, a fresh lick of paint and some new furniture, you might just unlock a room’s hidden potential. Why not turn that junk room into a study, library or games room? Your box room into an office, or your basement into a home cinema? Not only will you be able to utilise it in a new way, but you might boost your property’s value. Which leads us onto…

You could add extra value

If a house move is on the cards in the not-too-distant future, then redecorating can add value to your property; a fresh paint job throughout your house can add over £4000 to its value. Adding luxe accessories such as sheepskin or fluffy rugs, oversized cushions and gorgeous light fittings will increase your home’s overall appeal. If selling is part of your plan, you’ll need to work out your budget before you start, and be certain you’ll be able to recoup the costs and more in the sale.

Middle hall way after

On the flip side, you’ll also need to think about things that might reduce its value or hinder its saleability. Repainting a room in the latest colour trends, for example, might not be a smart move. Instead, stick to tried-and-tested neutrals, which are more likely to appeal to a wide market.                

It’s good for your mental health

Looking after our mental wellbeing has never been so important. And redecorating your home can have a positive impact on your mental health in more ways than one.

Firstly, the act itself can be soothing. Immersing yourself fully in something like redecorating forces you to focus completely on the task, and therefore takes your mind away from other more stressful or upsetting thoughts.

Accomplishing a project is also a great mood booster. Not to mention the feelgood vibes that the decluttering and cleansing of a room brings. It’s a win-win-win!

It keeps you occupied

Living under lockdown in its varying degrees for almost a year, it’s likely that you’re running out of ways to entertain yourself. Redecorating is a project that will keep you busy on the days when you don’t know what to do and away from the Xbox, TV or biscuit tin.

It might even come with the advantage of giving you a new hobby. From reupholstering to putting up wallpaper to making curtains, you can learn some great new skills along the way.

Have you been inspired to redecorate?

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