Cheaper Flooring Alternatives, Stellar Results

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It is true that Luxury Vinyl Flooring (also known as LVT) is a very cheap alternative to real floor solutions like laminate or hardwood or even stone based flooring, but that does not mean that the product is cheap in design and tacky by default.

In fact, most industry design consultants recommend vinyl because of its durable qualities as well as its indistinguishable look from the real thing. Vinyl is the preferred choice for those looking for professional quality that outlasts all its competitors on the market.

Top ranges in vinyl such as Karndean click vinyl flooring are literally flying off of shelves from suppliers due to its ease in maintenance and installation as much as for its incredible look and feel throughout the house. That’s right; installation is a relatively simple process that does not necessarily require a professional to apply to your home.

By either clicking together planks or gluing down tiles, you can achieve flooring that is perfect with cut to size partitions meaning you won’t have waste at the end of a day’s work.

So in saving on installation costs, you also can save on cleaning costs due to vinyl requiring simple household mixes like warm water and vinegar with a quick mop to clean away any accidents that may occur. Simple, quick, effortless; Food spillages, dirt or liquids don’t leave a trace when cleaned up straight away and you are protected from any leaking through the boards or tiles with waterproof technologies.

We have Karndean flooring in our kitchen. It’s been down nearly four years now and it still looks like new!

Those who seek out luxury wood effect vinyl flooring yet have the added pressure of excitable pets and children running around the house, the extra benefit of anti-scratch technologies means those toys and claws won’t have you on your hands and knees sanding away to try and hide the damage. The durable cushioned qualities have been tried and tested to get the maximum lifetime out of your floor.

When it comes to diverse ranges of designs, textures and palettes Karndean vinyl has more than just your floor covered.

What most people want is to have it indistinguishable from the real thing. No matter if it be light or dark wood, stone or slate or even porcelain, you can get a product that perfectly resembles its real-life counterpart.

To save money and stress in everyday living, choose a floor that works with you instead of you working for it. Choose Luxury vinyl flooring.

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