An alternative night out

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When you have a family to look after, you can find it difficult to get sufficient time to give yourself a treat and head out for the night. When the opportunity does arise, chances are you get caught in the usual swing of things and meet a friend for lunch or head out for a glass of wine. But why not try something different every once in a while? Mixing things up a little can keep your life interesting and open you up to all sorts of positive experiences!

To get the ball rolling in the right direction, why not make your next trip out a trip to the theatre? This is a brilliant night out that is creative, gets you thinking and can expose you to some of the best acting, singing and even dancing in the world! There are plenty of plays to choose from, so no matter what you’re into, you’re bound to find something that ticks all your boxes and will leave you with something to shout about to your friends and family.

What’s more? Theatre is becoming increasingly inclusive, so heading to a new show can often be a great way to show your support for women! This is increasingly important, as representation is helping to make the world a better and more just place for our kids as they grow up.

Just take a look at the infographic on broadway shows below!

Infographic Design By broadway shows

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