21st Birthday Party Creative Activities You Can Enjoy

Do you know why it feels so good turning 21 years old? It is because you can do anything at 21. At 17 you can have a driving licence, when you turn 18 you are legally an adult and can vote, while at 21, everything “good” happens here. You will be allowed to enter casinos, night clubs, bars, etc.

Your 21st birthday event is momentous and deserves a celebration. There are hundreds of ideas on how you may decide to celebrate your special day. If good things conspire, a majority of people tend to receive their trust fund at this age. So, you are sorted financially – for the lucky few, of course.

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Bar or clubbing

This is a tricky idea since it would work well if you had your friends join you at the party. You can use this night to your advantage. For instance, you can go club shopping, creating profiles on price and good drinks. Also, since this is the first time you are doing this, you can go club hoping. Most people do the same. They go from one club or bar to another, tasting drinks and music and the endless fun. The thrill comes from the fact that you are enjoying what was not possible for you to get yesterday.

And as expected, you will get drunk. For your security, you will need the people you trust by your side. Also, you will need precautions for your transport plans. You either carry yourselves with a designated driver or use an Uber.

Additionally, you can go earlier in the day to inspect these clubs just as a precaution. Also, you need to take plenty of water, at least between drinks. Your celebration should not come before your security. So, keep yourself protected from any risk that you may. Remember, this may be your first warranted nightlife and heavy drinking. Don’t let it be last. It is okay not to drink all you ordered.


Are you a gambler? Do you think you can do with gambling? Then this is the opportunity you should certainly grab. Visit your home gambling store or book a flight to las vegas-where everything gambling is promoted. Remember, you are not a pro. It would be best if you considered mature grounds before you move a step higher. This is so that you don’t lose money unnecessarily. You shouldn’t start your adult life with negative decisions. Poor decision making on manageable things like birthday celebration will determine your path into adulthood. Always exercise restraint to good looking things you can’t afford.

Themed party celebration

Make your 21st birthday an epic celebration by including some fancy theme parties. For example, you can send invites with directions and party specifics. Themed party ideas include 1920’s dress code, pool party, all-white party, jungle green vintage, etc. some parties, for example, the 1920’s parties, come with bootlegging prohibitions. Therefore, no alcohol. Such facts are what makes the event fun since you and the crew will need to look for alternative ideas to make yourselves tipsy by rolling pot or making the homemade using fruits.

Alcohol drinking spree

You can make the day turn out a busy one for yourself and your friends. You can start your day in the clubs learning how to mix drinks. You can as well do some part time duty at the restaurants and clubs mixing alcohol for pay. Since you are legally allowed to drink alcohol, you can as well use your acquired freedom to learn one or two things in this field and even benefit from them

Also, you can go on a cruise ship drinking spree with your friends where you hire a DJand load up a cruise and sail to the deep water. So that all you can see are the endless miles of stretching waters.


You can decide to go unexpected and pack up your adventure bags with cozy blankets and head out to the beach or someplace close where you can light up a fire and tell stories over it. You can carry some drinks and with roasted hotdogs and enjoy some light food with friends. Also, you can make it a night out in the woods with friends. Make the day an adventurous outing and end up camping. You can carry some packed food or hunt for food in the woods, frits, animals, etc. take precautions here. Some fruits are poisonous, and some animals dangerous. You should be in a company.


Sleepovers can be fun. You are simply revisiting the few amusing moments in the past that you enjoyed while doing those teenage sleepovers. In this scenario, you take it a notch higher by procuring some drinks and movies to watch overnight. This is where you get to eat a lot of food and drinks in the company of your friends.


Make the best out of the day with a camera and a photographer. Sample the best spots in town and take snaps that you will file and remember the day.

Road Trips

This is one of the best ideas on how to celebrate your 21st birthday. It clearly takes a bit of planning, but once to get that out of the way, you will be good to go. A designated driver or a car service should be your best choice. Depending on your budget, you can definitely make it a weekend getaway or just a one-day road trip. Carrying lots of foodstuffs and drinks, depending on your preference, will make the trip more enjoyable and pocket-friendly. 

The Bottom Line

The 21st birthday is a special one, and we have seen there are plenty of things one can do to celebrate this day. These are just a few examples of how to enjoy that particular day. However, caution must be taken to prevent undue accidents and disturbances you may cause your neighbours.

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