Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (March 2015)

Hurray! I managed to publish this month’s Me & Mine post on the right day, in the right month and everything! To be fair, I only managed to take the photo this afternoon after we got in from work and picked Toby up from nursery so it’s not the most exciting picture ever but this is pretty much the reality of our lives at the moment.

March 15

We haven’t had a very exciting month again this month. I seem to have been ill for most of the month, first with some sort of 24 hour stomach bug and then an awful cough which has hung around for weeks. Barry had the stomach bug too but thankfully Toby managed to avoid it. He’s just had his standard snotty nose this month and we think his back molars might be on their way too. On top of all that I’m still suffering from a dry socket where I had a wisdom tooth taken out so it’s taking ages to heal. It is slowly getting better though.

Reading this it sounds like it’s been a miserable month, and it has at times. But on a more positive note, Toby has been sleeping much better overall, we’ve had some nice trips out at the weekends even if they have just been to the park or to a garden centre for tea and cake. And of course we had the 20 week scan and found out all is well with our new baby boy!

Hopefully April will be a better month for everyone. I’m off school for two weeks of it which I’m hoping will give me a chance to rest a bit and get over all my ailments, and we’ve got visits from our families planned too. Fingers crossed we get a bit of sunshine too and we can all get outside and have some fun!

March 15 2

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