Win a Clangers toy bundle with #ClangersForKindness

I vaguely remember watching the Clangers when I was young so when the series was revived on CBeebies last year we waited eagerly for the first episode. It quickly became a favourite with Toby and after the first series had aired we regularly watched it again and again on iPlayer – at one point Toby insisted on watching the Eggbots episode every day!



When I was at Britmums last year I was lucky enough to meet Tiny Clanger in person, and bring home a few Clangers goodies for Toby too. He still loves watching the programme and for us it signals the start of the wind down to bedtime every night. I think even Gabe is starting to enjoy it too.

The great thing about the Clangers is that every episode is about how the little pink creatures are kind to one another and the other characters they meet on the Blue Planet. The lovely people behind the Clangers want to spread the message and are encouraging everyone to join in with #ClangersForKindness – you can see what some young Clangers fans think kindness means in this video.

Toby is only three and still learning about kindness – he’s getting there though and occasionally will do something lovely that really surprises me, whether that’s a surprise cuddle or sharing his chocolate raisins (that one doesn’t happen very often to be fair!). He has started to be much kinder to Gabe recently too – the other day I had to tell him off a little bit for trying to take away a stacking toy that Gabe was playing with. Toby likes things to be done the ‘right’ way so gets annoyed if Gabe isn’t putting the pieces on in the right order. I popped out of the room after I’d spoken to Toby and when I looked back through the door he was finding the right pieces but then giving them to Gabe to let him stack them on the stick – it’s so lovely to see him being kind to his brother and them playing nicely together.


We were recently sent a Tickle ‘n’ Whistle Tiny Clanger and Clangers Astronomy Set which includes a build your own planet mobile. We were also sent a copy of the Clangers magazine and a whistle to recreate the Clangers sound all on our own!

Toby absolutely loves Tiny Clanger – he has carried her around everywhere since he got her and even had to take her to nursery this week. The toy whistles just like the real Tiny, and even plays the Clangers theme tune. Gabe has enjoyed listening to Tiny and moving her arms and ears around too – when Toby has let him get a look in that is!


We haven’t made the mobile from the astronomy set yet – I think Toby would need a lot of help to do it and we’ve not had the chance to sit with him to do it what with all the new kitchen chaos we’ve got going on at the moment. I think it would be great for an older to child to make on their own though, it comes with everything you need, and I love the cute little tin too.

We have a Tickle ‘n’ Whistle Tiny Clanger, and a Clangers Astronomy Set to giveaway – all you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter below – and make sure you share an act of kindness from your child in the comments for extra entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends midnight 4th December 2016
UK entrants aged 18 and over only
Winner will be contacted by email within 24 hours of giveaway end


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52 thoughts on “Win a Clangers toy bundle with #ClangersForKindness

  1. I always put out and bring in our old neighbours bins. Sadly she lost her husband 7 months ago and would struggle to do this herself. I also invite her over for a coffee every week as I know she doesn’t get many visitors and is on her own.

  2. After recent surgery i have had lots of kind and thoughtful gestures even just simple things like helping with the house and with the little ones. I have to say whilst shopping i did have a lovely gentlemen help me with my shopping all the way to the car and loaded it up for me and it certainly made my day! I always try to return the kindness to people its the little things that make all the difference.

  3. I cooked some meals ready for my mum and did some food shopping for her ready after returning from her holiday early hours of the morning

  4. I saw a homeless man sat outside a supermarket so I went in and bought him a
    sandwich. He looked really happy and quite suprised.

  5. I was sad recently and my niece, who is 3, appeared at my side. She didn’t even say anything, she just sat with me. She’s my little buddy. 🙂

  6. My little boy is always kind to everyone. If his big sister is sad he lets her play with his toys and is extra caring

  7. My daughter is 7 she earned her pocket money but insisted on buying he little brother something because he is apparently the bestest brother ever

  8. I take my neighbour out shopping on a Sunday as she does not have a car and has a young child do would struggle to get a big shop done.

  9. I ran the Great Manchester Run this year despite not being able to run ! I managed to finish and raised over £300 for my local food bank.

  10. i work in a cafe and there was a young girl in about 4 years old. A man dropped £5 and the little girl saw it and gave it to the man. the man was so kind and told the little girl she could keep it. melted my heart x

  11. My son was given a small bag of treats as he was ‘learner of the day’ at school. When he got home he told me that he wanted to share it with his 2 younger brothers. I thought that was very sweet.

  12. I just help look after my 3 grand children, aged 11 years, 10 months and 6 months. Also my uncle who recently lost hiswife.

  13. I went through some stuff a while back, and a friend who i dont see very much popped over for a cuppa, i told her what was going on and she talked to me, she then often popped round helping me, she was a good listener she gave advice when she felt she needed to, but she was a friend who was there for me, she was so kind and understanding and i owe her a lot. She gave kindness where she didnt have to because we were not close, but she went out of her way for me

  14. My little boy has just learned how to give kisses and while he’s usually a daddies boy, I’m the one who gets the kisses so I feel grateful and feel like all my hard work is being paid back <3

  15. My grandson who is three years old carried a basket of washing out to the washing line for his mummy because she had fallen in the garden the day before & he didn’t want her to fall over again

  16. My boys are always trying to be kind and thoughtful. My eldest recently made a hand sewn cupcake that he got as a present. He decided to give it to my nan who is poorly instead of keep his present himself

  17. I took my 4 year old nephew and 2 year old niece for a walk in the woods last week. We had to down a steep hill and my niece started to panic a bit, thinking she was going to fall. My nephew (who was in the lead) just turned around and held her hand until they reached the bottom, where he gave her a very macho one armed hug. I nearly cried, usually he won’t stop tormenting her. It was just a lovely little moment of sibling bonding.

  18. After becoming ill with a kidney infection. I told my 7 year old son to play quietly while while I lay down. Every 2 mins he would come and ask if i was okay or needed something. Eventually he went in the fridge and reached for his large bar of galaxy chocolate and offered me half and said here mum you always say chocolate makes you feel better

  19. My son is so kind. He likes to help people and his only 4 years old.
    Recently an elderly lady fell over and dropped her bag of coins and he helped her pick them all up, while mummy helped the lady up. And then when we got home he insisted he made her a get well card and paint her a picture. Love him.

    Thank you for running such a generous giveaway!

    Merry Christmas!

  20. As a community we all take it in turns to help a neighbour who is 90 and housebound.Even having a cup of tea and chat with her is something we all enjoy

  21. I Know there are many business’s that are really busy this year so I wrote to a few of them, the ones I feel have gone out of their way especially this year to commend them on their brilliant customer service and wish them a happy festive period!

  22. i am eternally grateful to the lady behind me getting off the train the other week, who picked up the ticket I dropped and ran after me to give it back.

  23. I won some tickets to the i360 in Brighton (near where I live) and gifted them to my friend so she can go on with her Grandad x

  24. Me and my husband were in tesco the other day and they were collecting for food banks so we decided to do another shop as well as ours to give to the local food bank hate the thought of people not being able to enjoy christmas as they can’t afford the food so sad x

  25. I have always been there for my neighbours and when I was recently told I will be on crutches and unable to do much for 4-8 months I was devastated as I am a single mum. My neighbours have now helped me to get out and about with my son and also rallied round to help me do my housework and also all the stuff I cant do.

  26. When I was in hospital having a knee replacement my lovely neighbour cooked dinners every evening for my family and for the week after I was home such a kind and lovely thing to do we all really appreciated her kindness

  27. My son plays football for a team. One of his team mates made a mistake during the match which ultimately cost them the match. I was so proud of my son when he went to the boy at the end of the match and put an arm around his shoulders and had a few words, I don’t know exactly what was said but I could see that little boys face change as if a world of worries had been lifted from his shoulders.

  28. I saw a pigeon that couldn’t fly so I took him home and took him to the vets they said he was stunned and the proper people from the bird sanctuary came and took him they said he would recover and thanked me for making time to rescue him he has since been released back into the wild lovely ending

  29. This year I have purchased the majority of my brothers grand kids Christmas gifts as they are financially strapped. I sadly cannot share in the day as they live in South Africa, so we have shipped huge boxes over since November.
    But the funniest was I packed advent calendars for my two nieces and the two great nieces. But I also packed one for my sister-in-law as a surprise…. she was over the moon with it, especially as the box we sent arrived on the first!

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