Waiting for Daddy (The Ordinary Moments #16)

Every week day, at quarter past five, I put Toby in the car and we go and pick his dad up from the station. Usually if we’re early we wait in the car for the train to get in, and Toby usually starts getting a bit squirmy if we have to wait for more than a few minutes. So yesterday as the last of the day’s sun was still in the sky, and as a part of my new ‘operation get more fresh air’ we got out of the car, put Toby in the buggy and went down to the platform to wait for the train.

waiting for daddy

Toby was by parts excited and somewhat bemused to be somewhere new, and outside, particularly at the end of the day.

Waiting for daddy

He also seemed to enjoy watching the gulls that were flying overhead. I was happy to get these pictures while we were waiting for daddy. And daddy was happy that we were there on the platform to meet him off the train.

Waiting for Daddy and birdwatching

mummy daddy me

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