Summer garden fun with #asdaoutdoors

It seems like summer has already been and gone here in Scotland; we had some lovely weather in June but July so far has mostly been grey, wet and windy. I’m hoping we get some nicer weather a bit later in the summer, we do sometimes get quite a nice September so here’s hoping.

Despite the not that inspiring weather we have been trying to let Toby play in the garden more this year. We don’t have the most child-friendly garden – that’s definitely something we need to think about when it comes to moving house in the not too distant future. There is a bit of space to play though and this year we’re hoping to get a bit more use out of it. Toby likes to just run around and look at the flowers (while his dad tries to stop him pulling them all up!) He likes to help with watering the plants too with his trusty watering can.


We didn’t really have any toys for the garden until recently though. As you might have seen from Toby’s birthday post his Grandma and Grandad bought him a slide this year which we’ve already managed to get out a few times. We were also lucky enough to be sent some other things from the Asda Outdoors range for Toby to enjoy this summer too.

sand and water

A couple of weeks ago we had a warm enough day to get the sand and water table out (although for the moment I am being mean mummy and we’re only having water because it doesn’t make as much mess as sand!). Toby really enjoyed playing in the water and once he’d figured out what to do with the water mill section in the middle he stood there for ages pouring water in the top and saying ‘oh wow!’ This table is a great size for him and I like that it comes with lids for each section so you can cover it and and leave it outside if you want. With our very unpredictable weather though we’ve been keeping it in the garage when it’s not being used so we don’t end up with it blowing away!


The other thing we got from Asda was this 2 in 1 balance bike and scooter. I really liked that you could lower the handle bar, add a seat and you had a balance bike but that it could also be used as a scooter when Toby gets a bit bigger. When we first got it out Toby wasn’t too sure about it but with his dad holding on to the seat at the back he started to get a bit more confident. I don’t think it’ll take him too much practice before he’s happily wheeling himself around the place!


I really hope we do get some more better weather as the summer goes on so we can all make the most of the garden. I know Toby definitely feels better after some fresh air and a run around so fingers crossed for some more sun before the summer is out!

**Disclaimer: We were sent the sand and water table and scooter in return for this post. All opinions are my own.