Review: SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe

In this fantastic hot weather we’ve been having lately keeping Toby safe and happy in the sun has been my main concern. SnoozeShade is a product designed to do just that! We already had a SnoozeShade Original which has had lots of use over the last year but as Toby is now a very inquisitive one year old he does like to be able to see what is going on when he’s out in the buggy. The lovely people at SnoozeShade gave us the opportunity to try out the SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe to see if it could solve our nosy baby problems!
SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe

The Details

The SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is designed to fit on any pram or pushchair. It has elastic loops around the edges which allow you to attach it to the frame of your pushchair. Whereas the SnoozeShade Original has a vertical zip opening on the front for checking on your baby, the SnoozeShade Plus as a panel on the front which your baby can see through, but which still keeps them protected from the sun. This panel can be zipped either partially or fully open. It also has another layer of the full SnoozeShade fabric which can be poppered over the top if you baby is sleeping. The fabric the SnoozeShade is made from blocks up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays (or 80% through the viewing panel). It is also breathable so there is no danger of your baby suffering from lack of air. The SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe has a retail price of £34.99.

The Pros

  • First and foremost the SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is fantastic at doing the job it is designed for – that is providing shade and protection from harmful UV rays. I still use suncream on Toby if we are going to be out for a while but I am much happier knowing he isn’t going to get burnt when under the SnoozeShade.
  • There are four pairs of elastic straps to attach the SnoozeShade to your buggy meaning you should be able to attach it to any style of pram or pushchair. We’ve used it both parent and forward facing on our Mamas & Papas Sola, and on our Kiddicare Deko stroller without any problems. The loops fasten with two poppers and have always stay securely attached – even with Toby trying to pull them off occasionally!
  • love viewing panel! The main problem we had with the SnoozeShade Original as Toby got older was that unless we were actually using it for him to have a nap (and he was really ready for a nap) he would moan when we put it on the buggy so we couldn’t really use it just for shade. With the Plus that problem is solved as Toby can still see out and so he’s happy. If he does fall asleep or I’m trying to get him to nap then I just popper up the extra shade flap and we’re away.
  • There is a pocket at the bottom of the viewing panel to store the flaps that aren’t being used – a very clever feature.
  • There is a horizontal zip opening above the viewing panel so you can check on your wee one, or you can leave it open for extra ventilation.
  • Because the viewing panel zips completely open I can get Toby in and out of the pushchair without having to remove the SnoozeShade. Both our pushchairs can fold with the SnoozeShade still attached as well.
  • The SnoozeShade Plus is a bit bigger than the Original so Toby’s legs don’t get squashed by the fabric and it should last as he gets bigger.
  • We have been using the SnoozeShade a lot in the sunshine these last few weeks but they also make great windstoppers in the colder months as well. They will keep off light rain and can also be used underneath most raincovers.
  • A small mesh storage bag is included (although if I’m honest I have never put either of our SnoozeShades back in their bags!)

SnoozeShade Plus

The Cons

  • Getting a good fit is a bit tricky on some pushchairs but should be possible with a bit of playing around. On our Sola with the seat at its most upright and the hood fully open the SnoozeShade is quite baggy – giving Toby a lot of spare material to pull at! By pulling the bottom down and attaching some of the straps further along the frame we have achieved a good fit though so it’s worth persevering. There are also some great videos on the SnoozeShade website that show you different ways of attaching the shade to your pushchair.

The Verdict

I already really liked our SnoozeShade Original and we’ve had loads of use out of it over the last year, it was fantastic when Toby was younger, not only on the pushchair but for putting over his car seat too. However, the SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is even better! Although this is the most expensive of the SnoozeShades for prams and pushchairs I would say the extra features definitely make it worth the money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

**Disclosure: I was sent SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe in return for this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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