My Wild Ones // Swings and bagels

My last few posts in this My Wild Ones series have all been about Toby really, with Gabe just along for the ride, so this week I thought I would switch the focus to my little wild one.

This linky is supposed to be all about exploring, and a lot of my posts so far have been about exploring outdoors but for Gabe everything he does is an exploration of something new. For a six month old, everything he does is a new experience. Gabe is so inquisitive, he always looks like he’s totally taking in everything that his going on around him.

Anyway, this week I thought I’d share some pictures of the new things that Gabe has been experiencing lately…

The last week has mostly been about food for Gabe – he’s really enjoying his first tastes, even if he’s not really managed to eat that much yet! He likes to have a good look at things before they go in his mouth…


And he’s been figuring out where a spoon should go…


It’s not all about food though. He had his first go on a swing yesterday – I think he liked it although he doesn’t look convinced on this picture!


He’s really enjoying his toys too now and this activity tray on his Mamas & Papas snug seat can keep him occupied for quite a while.

Activity tray

I thought I’d show you this last photo too – it’s not all smiles with a six month old. He can turn from enjoying himself to full on tears in the blink of an eye!

Too much