Living Arrows 26/52 (2017)

Toby eating peas straight from the pod in Grandad's garden

Well last week I said we were nearly there, and now we are actually half way through the year – I’m sure it was only Christmas a couple of months ago!

And as another reminder that time is marching on Toby had his first of two transition sessions at his new school last week. When I reminded him in the morning that he was going he said ‘but I’m not four yet’, so I had to try and explain (again) that he was just going to see what it was like and he won’t actually be going until September.

He was there for almost two hours on Thursday afternoon and by all accounts he had a great time. I was a bit worried he might cry and not want to go in because he can be a bit like that sometimes but all credit to the teachers they didn’t give the kids chance to get upset. We were waiting in the school entrance for a few minutes then the teacher came out, just said ‘in you come’ and it was a quick ‘bye’ and off they went. There were a few other children from Toby’s nursery there too so that helped. Read more