Planning our home improvements (and how we’re going to pay for them)

Our house that looks like a bungalow from the front

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It’s now over two years since we moved from Scotland to our new house here in Lancashire. I’ve written a few times before about the work we have already done and some of our plans for the future. We are planning on staying in this house for the long term so although we are interested in adding value to the property we are more concerned with making it the house we want to live in. Read more

What are the best ways to help our kids financially?

Help our kids financially

**This is a collaborative post

Money matters, it’s important to teach our kids everything they need to know if they’re going to be successful financially as adults. So many young people end up in debt or struggling with money simply because they’ve never been taught how to use it properly. Here are some of the ways we can teach children and teens about money. Read more