Living Arrows 27/52 (2016)

I’m so tired at the moment (when will Gabe realise that the day does not start at 4:30 am?) that I’m struggling to remember what we’ve been up to since last week. Barry has finished work now in readiness for our move so having him to share the early mornings is helping, but I still just feel permanently knackered.

Last week my mum and dad came up for a flying visit and took a trailer and car full of our stuff back to their house so we’ve got a bit of space in our garage to try and sort out more of our stuff. Before they left we went out for lunch and Toby was very pleased to be back at the cafe with the dragon…

Toby and the dragon

Gabe has been struggling with his teeth again this week but one of the next bottom ones has finally cut through and hopefully the other side isn’t far behind. He’s still managed the odd smile though…

A little smile from Gabe


Living Arrows

Living Arrows 24/52 (2016)

I think you people are going to start thinking I’m making things up but Gabe was ill again this week! This time it was a stomach bug (I think) – he had a bit of a temperature so I was giving him some Nurofen after his tea, he choked on it and threw up all over himself. The night was OK and I thought that was the end of it but the next day he was sick five more times! He was very sleepy and snuggly all day too which isn’t really like him either. Anyway, by bedtime he wouldn’t go to sleep without a bottle so we risked it. He kept it down, and the ones overnight and by the next day he seemed fully recovered. So I don’t now what it was but at least it was over quickly and he’s actually been pretty cheery since then.

Barry was away this weekend, visiting friends down in Manchester so I had both boys by myself overnight for the first time. It actually didn’t go to badly apart from that by Sunday afternoon I was going a bit insane after being constantly climbed on and sat on for pretty much 48 hours solid!

On Saturday we went out to a cafe for a bit of a break (and so I could get Gabe to have a car nap). This cafe has a little play area with some toys and colouring things. There were a few other kids playing too and for once Toby didn’t do too badly with sharing – there’s this big dragon toy which is basically the only thing most of the kids want to play with but Toby did well to let another little boy have a turn without too much of a fuss. I may have distracted him with chocolate cake, but whatever works right?

Toby and the dragon

Gabe was reasonably well behaved too – although I did have to take him out of the highchair after a few minutes has he was rivalling Houdini with his bid to escape! He enjoyed playing with this bead toy for a bit though. He is actually starting to play with toys now and so it’s getting a bit easier to distract him, for a few minutes at least…

Gabe hiding behind beads

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